Gear Fit 2-A

Gear Fit 2-A Genius Union of Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker By Samsung!


This is a fitness tracker that is meant to help you keep fit and achieve your fitness goals. It is a device that is known to be regularly updated after it was released to improve your performance. The latest updates to this tracker were the improvements that made it become more reliable as it squeezes more goodness out of it. It is device that has heart rate monitor which is used to measure your exertion while you are exercising so that it lets you know how long you have spent between distinct levels of the heart rate zones. It can be used by a normal person or hard core athletes who require maintenance of steady heart rate to keep you a healthy person throughout your fitness or other activities. It is helpful in setting the pace and guiding you to where you ought to be. It is an iOS and Android-friendly device that is sold on Amazon at $124.78 only.

Gear Fit 2 Features

Gear Fit 2 Features

  • Super AMOLED Display
    This device has display where your details are captured so that you can be able to track your fitness activities easily. You can tap the screen for the device to swap out numbers for you to find out your current heart rate or know how long you have been active instead of scrolling through the menus.
  • SOS Feature
    This is a feature that helps you when you run into trouble while at the gym or when you are in the wild. You are required to triple press the home key on the screen to send a customized alert to any person you choose. Though it is helpful when you have your phone with you but it is a useful feature to help you keep track your heart or activity even when you are having troubles.
  • S Health App
    The tracker includes S health app which gives you additional motivation to attain your goals. You will be able to set your goals, check leader boards, challenge your friends to step for competition and you can share your results with other people.
  • Standalone Music Player

    Standalone Music Player

    It has a standalone music player which is used to help you take your preferred music with you and play when you are exercising. You can also store your music on this tracker or you can connect to your phone so that you can access when you want.

  • Advanced Fitness Tracking Features
    It is a device that helps you monitor your daily activities levels with a glance at your wrist. It is helpful in tracking the number of activities, which include floors climbed; calories burned and sleep quality so that you can achieve your goals easily. The pedometer in it helps count your steps, and the integrated heart monitor is used to measure your heartbeat while you workout.
  • Auto And Multi Sport Tracking features
    This is a device that has the ability to identify automatically the type of activity you are engaged in. It is able to differentiate when you are cycling, running, walking or other physical activities to provide you with summary of your session. When you select the suitable activity mode you are involved in at the time, the device is helpful in tracking the strength of your training, Pilates, yoga and more.

Advantages Of Fit 2 Tracker

Advantages Of Fit 2 Tracker

1. It is helpful in tracking your steps, heart rate, sleep quality and amount of calories burned for desired body figure or improved performance.
2. It is meant to map your activity precisely with built in GPS.
3. It is known to store your preferred music or it can connect with spotify which helps you access millions of songs. You can play these songs on the background while exercising to make it fun and interesting.
4. It has auto-tracking which recognizes and tracks multiple exercises while you move.
5. It is responsible in receiving and responding to your phone’s notification, texts or incoming calls right on your wrist.
6. It is a water resistant device that is capable of tracking your activities even while it is raining or while you are swimming.
7. It has a convenient charging cradle which makes this device easy to recharge. You are required to place it on the included cradle as it starts to charge and it lasts for about four days.

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This is a device that helps you keep track of your fitness goals and ensure that you stay motivated. It is known to use different range of tracking sensors, which closely monitor your fitness activity levels which include your steps, amount of calories burned, sleep quality and heart rate. It can also help identify the activity you are involved in such as running, walking, cycling or other so that it tracks them automatically and provide you with the summary of the session. You can track your activities even when it is raining or while you are swimming without any problem as this device is water resistant. Ensure that you check the features before you settle on a fitness tracker device to ensure that you get the right device for your own use.


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