Polar A370

All New Polar A370 With Polar Sleep Plus As An Added Feature


Polar A370 is a fitness monitor that allows you to track your sleep and daily activities. Additionally, it provides comprehensive training sessions to give you a clear picture of your fitness in general based on activity intersection, rest, and recovery. Polar A370 is for anyone who wants a sleek, waterproof and lightweight fitness monitor. To take care of the tastes and preferences of every user, Polar A370 comes in a variety of six colors.

What To Expect From The Polar A370

What To Expect From The Polar A370
The fitness tracker adds advanced Polar Sleep Plus and continuous heart rate monitoring analytics into the mix. Additionally, it incorporates GPS through mobile to enable you to monitor speed, distance as well as your route when the wearable device is connected to your phone’s Polar Flow app, and you are doing sports outdoors. For the GPS through your smartphone to work, you will have to carry your phone with you.

The new Polar A370 allows for use as a sensor for heart rate with other devices compatible with Bluetooth or mobile app. For instance, the Polar A370 allows for use with a bicycle computer as a sensor for heart rates like the Polar M460.

The Polar A370’s new features have been optimized and designed for the device only. Because of software and service restrictions, it is almost impossible to bring these features to Polar A360, its predecessor.

Comprehensive Activity Monitoring With Polar A370

Comprehensive Activity Monitoring With Polar A370
The new Polar A370 comes with lots of exciting new features. One feature to look out for is the continuous heart rate monitoring. It automatically measures your heart rate all day long and night to give you two major advantages:

  • Heart rate lows and highs for your heart rates’ spotting trends
  • Comprehensive daily activity monitoring

Following continuous heart rate’s introduction, the activity monitoring on Polar A370 is based on the movements of your wrists not forgetting those of your heart rate. The new device mixes the two data sets to issue instantaneous guidance to help you reach your activity goals. Moreover, the Polar Flow app provides a more detailed daily overview as well as insightful fitness guidance.

After using this device, you will achieve your daily fitness goals faster thanks to the new precision level infused on the activity and heart rate algorithm. Traditional heart rate trackers’ utility has been narrowed down to workout sessions only excluding about 23 hours. Understanding the excluded hours, whether spent resting, training or doing light activities is critical to realizing fitness goals.

According to Polar President, Tom Fowler, Polar resolved to develop the continuous heart rate with the aim of filling the critical gap. Thanks to this feature, Polar is making things easier for users around the world to take control of their fitness goals with around the clock point of view on their activity levels, heart rate profile, not forgetting rest and recovery. Beginner and Pro athletes are finding this new feature very useful.

Advanced Sleep Monitoring With Polar Sleep Plus

Advanced Sleep Monitoring With Polar Sleep Plus
Polar Sleep Plus is another interesting evolution. It is an intelligent sleep system that comes with a smart algorithm to allow the monitoring of the amount of sleep, quality of sleep, and timing. It does this with the aid of a 3D accelerometer inside the Polar A370.

The algorithm used by Polar Sleep Plus relies on polysomnography as the golden standard reference measurement to assess medicine and sleep in science. It is created to offer the best accuracy in detection of sleep on a standard polysomnography level. Polar A370 offers accurate measurements for increased guidance and precision.

If you are hoping to find the perfect balance between rest and activity, Polar Sleep Plus is for you. The balance also involves learning some healthy sleep patterns. The new Polar A370 monitors various metrics such as:

  • Interruptions that take place during sleep
  • Total sleep duration
  • Actual sleep time
  • When the wearer falls asleep and awake

Using these metrics, Polar Sleep Plus provides continuity score on a 1-5 scale to reveal the continuity of your sleep. Additionally, you are in a position to rate your sleep the following morning. By observing your amount of sleep, quality of sleep, and sleep routines over time, it is easy to change your sleep schedule to achieve your goals.

Battery Life

Battery Life
Polar A370 comes with a great battery life. With HR on, the battery of Polar A370 can last for 4 days. This includes continuous hours of activity tracking. With additional GPS via mobile, Polar A370’s battery can take up to 12 hours. Besides having a longer lasting battery life than that of its predecessor, the Polar A370 comes with a color touchscreen display of 80x160px. Presently, it is priced starting at $179.

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Polar A370 is a waterproof and sleek fitness monitor that comes with advanced Polar Sleep Plus sleep monitoring, wrist-based heart rate and trusted training features from polar. The new device is compatible with Polar Flow, a training and fitness app as well as web service. It is waterproof and comes with a color touchscreen. Its changeable wristbands are available in six different colors. The device offers wrist-based continuous heart rate, Polar Sleep Plus sleep monitoring, and round the clock activity monitoring.


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