Wearable Tech A Means of Losing Weight

Wearable Tech: A Means of Losing Weight


The wearable technology is one of the most interesting and advanced weight loss tools. However, how to use them to reach that specific goal is the challenge they present. It is essential to know and learn how to use a specific fitness tracker or wearable device to achieve your set goals. It is important to aim for ensuring ultimate performance levels when using wearable. Here are some of the ways that you can use your tracker and other smart devices such as smartwatches to achieve your desired weight or body size.


Many wearable devices are able to compute distance travelled, steps taken and one has the ability to set a target to be reached each day or in a certain timeline. It is possible for a person to walk 10,000 steps each day, which improves insulin sensitivity ion in the body. Burning excess insulin produced in the body is one of the ways to get rid of lifestyle diseases. However, you do don’t have to start with walking the steps; as a beginner start with 5,000 and work your way up. This means you are accurately dealing with carbohydrates in the body, which is essential in losing weight.


Resistance means trying harder, even when your body is giving up. Pushing yourself, that extra mile means that you are on your way to achieving your desired objective. Wearable devices have no ability to measure resistance, but if you workout in a gym, this means trying lifting weights. Anything that goes against the rule of gravity is what is referred to through resistance. The exercises that can be used to meet this goal: Pull-ups, lunges, press ups etc.

Training Intervals

Wearable provide different options in your exercising schedule or routine. This includes people who are also into other exercises such as swimming, cycling, running and other outdoor exercises. If you own a running watch, check out its operations and you will see an interval-training mode. Interval training is an approach that involves changing your exercise routine according a set timeframe. If running, you may decide to increase your running speed for a certain period then reduce it in order to relax and breath and increase it once more before completing the run. Training in intervals is said to produce better results in a less time. The approach is effective as it is said to consume more oxygen at the very end increasing your metabolism rate. This means more calories are burned and you lose weight much faster.


Wearable are programmed to ensure that you follow your fitness routine each day without fail. However, some have an inactivity period that involves you relaxing. This is essential in ensuring that your metabolism rates are kept at maximum. It also improves on your mental status and you pay more attention to different elements. To ensure the consistency is maintained, you are advised to keep on moving and take long steps to the market to the shop. Do not order online, visit the store and make your purchases.

Food or Diet

Improvement on a person’s eating habits is something that is hard. However, the wearable technology has made it possible and it is being witnessed day in day out. Many of these devices work in terms of making calculation in regards to how many calories you lose. This isn’t completely true because calories are determined by the kind of foods you eat. If you are to lose weight, changes that are more significant have to be established. To lose reduce the amount of carbohydrates and increase your proteins, vegetables and fruits. After you have become much leaner, it is time to start counting your calorie intake as a means of maintain your weight and body size. MyFitnessPal is one of the perfect wearable technologiesin terms of ensuring your nutrition and diet is as required.

Hydration and Sleep

Water is essential especially if working out on a daily basis. Increasing the amount of water you take on a daily basis is one of the steps reduces the amount of fatigue that your muscles feel after and during the routine. In addition, it suppresses the need to take more sweets limiting calories taken in, by reducing your muscle fatigue levels; it gives you the ability and capability to finally reach your set targets.

Hydration and Sleep

The wearable devices track your sleep time and can tell when you sleep excessively and when you need more hours in bed. Sleep does not impact heavily on your weight loss schedule. However, lack of it can impact heavily on it. This might not be a healthy way to lose but having the will power, add some resistance and a few hours of sleep, you can achieve your desired weight the right way.

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Weight loss using smart devices is one of the best usage and the best way to achieve set targets in a short while. However, training in smart; this means that having specific targets that are measurable in nature, which have been agreed upon that they are realistic and time based is the best way. The targets must also be exciting in nature and recordable for remembrance.


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