UpRight Posture Trainer

UpRight Posture Trainer – The Smart Back Pain Solution


Posture is part of our everyday life activities. We are stuck with it and the only thing that remains is to ensure that our posture does not cause us to seek medical attention every now and then. Back posture is especially unique as it is the most prone to wrong usage leading to excruciating back pains. Furthermore, time is a factor that is not in our control making it difficult to fight with passing time and incoming age. This is because aging is another factor that causes back pain as it affects a person or individual’s posture.

UpRight Posture Trainer

This is a smart wearable device that is presently out there in the market that was designed and developed with the aim of offering a solution to our back pain problem. The trainer or device works by checking on your posture on a regular basis and ensures it is upright. The device can be used to nudge or ensure people take care of their backs from their childhood to avoid situations that may be as a result. The device is also essential in improving a person’s gait and posture over time increasing ones level of confidence. You no longer have to use adverse methods to remind you or weight until you experience back pains to remember to change your position. With the UpRight device, you are at a vantage point over others.

How the UpRight Device Works?

As the name suggests, the device aim at training you on regular intervals on how to keep your back posture upright at all times. The device comes along with a smart application to be installed on your smartphone. The app has a training plan that as a first user you should follow. To meet your needs and ensure satisfaction and desired goals are met, the plans goals and objectives are tailored to meet yours. Every training session is customized to meet your capabilities as an individual and a timeframe is issued for your training ranging from 5 minutes up to an hour for an experienced user. Once the UpRight device is worn, it will emit a buzzing sound when your back is not upright. This information is transmitted to the app, which will also issue an alert on the same. This helps keep you on toes during the training sessions.

UpRight Device Works

Benefits of the UpRight Device

  • The devices is said to increase an individual’s strength in their muscles.
  • It provides relief for those experiencing back pain and prevents such a condition from occurring again.
  • Keeps you more alert and increases your concentration levels due to the constant reminder to remain upright every once in a while and if you slouch.
  • No medication is required and you resolve your medication with a drug free treatment plan.
  • The device assists in maintaining a person’s gait and posture over a long time in the near and far future.
  • The device is fast and efficient. The desired results from it use should be seen two weeks after starting the use of the device.

How to Use the UpRight Device?

UpRight Device
The device is based differently depending on you and whether or not you are sitted or standing. While in a sitting position, the UpRight device for better results should be placed on the lower back and pressed against it. If walking, the device should be placed on the shoulder blades, which assists a person to stand tall and straight. Once it is placed securely, the UpRight Device is then connected to the app on the smartphone. The importance of the app is that it continuously provides you with updates on how your training is progressing, how to improve your training conditions or how to achieve maximum and better results etc. The device should not be used while sleeping or laying down.


The UpRight device goes for around $129.95 on a normal retail shop. However, the developers have designed a promotional website where the same device goes for around $99.95. The website gives the customer the advantage to purchase this device from anywhere in the world and a $30 discount when shopping online. The device comes with additional items that assist in achieving the thirty or so set goals. These items include a charging cable i.e. micro USB, a dock station, hypoallergenic adhesives 60 in total, free application running on both iOS and android and a tailored training schedule for you.

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Your posture is something that you cannot dictate, as it is affected by our upbringing in some cases. However, it is something that you can mend and perfect over time to ensure the best possible results are attained. In addition, having the ability to correct it, avoid medical suggestions and naturally take care of it is what many people would like. It is therefore in our best interests to purchase this device as a way of ensuring we remain healthy at all times. Furthermore, the device not only improves our health but also brings a load of benefits along. Do not be left behind as technology advances, use the training device i.e. UpRight as a solution to back pain today.


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