Fitness Trends are Lead by Wearable Technology

2017 Fitness Trends are Lead by Wearable Technology


Wearable technology has become famous and popular due to its extensive functionality. In 2016, many wearable technologies were launched and their uses increased with time. It was nominated the best fitness trend in the year and the same is expected to happen this year 2017. I believe that the people becoming more health conscious mostly attribute this. In fact, many people are now looking to change their current lifestyles and live in much more healthy ways and make healthier choices by the minute. As time passes, the question people are asking is what trends in the fitness world to expect next. Here are some points to help you sort out your mind and make a choice with some of the top trends expected this year.

Wearable Technology

As the leading trend, more is expected from this line of technological growth and advancement. We are expecting to see more technologies such as activity trackers, heart rate monitoring devices, smart watches, wearable tech such as T-shirts with dual functionality, GPS smart trackers etc. With the smart wearable technology designed and introduced to the market in the recent past. In 2017, I believe the trends are about to be delved in further. Changes and new innovations, inventions, additional features and other operational approaches are expected. Keep yourself updated and be amazed by what wearable technology has in store for you in 2017.

Weight Training

Weight Training
Another issue that has been bugging many people in the past year is weight. Weight loss has become a subject for the young and the old, everybody in general. This is why weight training has become a leading trend and is certainly continue even in this year. This is specifically in regards to body weight training primarily being sold as package in the recent year. In fact, its popularity hit the roof as a result of its use in health clubs, gyms etc. In addition, it utilizes minimal equipments making it suitable for effective exercising and an inexpensive means of training on body weight.

Interval Training

Interval training especially as a means of losing weight and attaining a desired body size is also an approach that has continuously grown over time. The approach hit the market in the last year and people are continuously showing interest in it. This has escalated to the most recent that includes interval training but at a very high intensity i.e. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This involves intensive exercising for a short period of time and resting before taking it up again. It is aimed at achieving more in a shorter period. Concerns with this type of training are in regards with the possibility of accidents and possible injuries.

Training to Gain Strength and Yoga

Gain Strength and Yoga
As part of the medical and fitness program, this training session has continued to gain the votes of many people. It involves the use of weights towards maintaining an individual’s strength and or improving on it. In fact, fitness professionals and health professionals have incorporated this training into their programs i.e. their daily exercise programs that they encourage their clients to partake. Yoga is a routine that has many people voting on how relaxing and soothing it is. Apart from keeping you fit, it enables you to release stress and relax your muscles. Furthermore, yoga styles may be sometimes limited editions, however, each year a new yoga style appears. Those who love the practice continue to feel refreshed and at the same time reinvent the yoga styles each time. More in that sector is expected in 2017 and therefore we should keep our eyes and ears open in the area.

Group Training

Today, every single person looks at exercising and wishes to do it in the depths of darkness where other people do not see you. This is because exercising is mostly associated with overweight individuals, which makes it essential for health professionals and other fitness instructors to introduce group training. This is a motivational platform, which allows people in large groups to exercise together and achieve their daily exercise goals. This is mostly subdivided into different activity groups. The aim of it is to ensure that everyone fits in a certain group: dancing, cycling, aerobics, yoga and more. This is the main reason that the popularity of the training groups is on the rise. More is expected and the potential that it has is to be exploited which indicates its higher rates in 2017.

Personal Training Programs and Sessions

Personal Training Programs and Sessions
Many are the people who value privacy and are willing to pay to keep it so. The number of private fitness trainers is on the rise and so are the clients asking for the same service. In fact, professional personal trainers are now issued with licenses to carry out their tasks and professionalism in the open. It can now be viewed as a profession and a career path. Professional trainers are independent contractors that are employed by large organizations, corporations or through programs that are community based.

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In 2017, the trends are expected to continue growing and advancing further. Ours is to sit back, see how it all unravels, and at the end of the year, conduct another assessment indicating, which will be the leading trend then.


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