Wearable Tech Is Worn To Track Health With Just The Flick of One’s Wrist!


Heather Dunn Carlton is very faithful about wearing her pink Fit bit Flex. It is something that does never leave her wrist. It is on her wrist every day, vibrating faithfully to wake her up at 5:00 a.m., and also delivering her biometric data on her sleep patterns. It is also there at the gym, along with her, to be able to estimate the overall calories that she has burned. It is also there on the first-floor of her office. This office is located at the University of the Pacific at Stockton. It does remind her on occasion to climb up some stairs.

This lady loves her Fit bit Flex

Her Fit bit Flex is indeed her very best friend. Because at the end of each day, it is there to care, and does give off a small vibration. What is this small vibration all about? This tiny vibration is a note to let her know that she has reached her 10,000 step goal. If she had fallen short of the mark itself. She would have taken a couple of laps around her residence in Sacramento. “I like to make the little vibration, it does,” she stated. “This gives me a little sense of celebration.” The Fitbit Flex is just one of many tech wearable’s that people love Fitbit Flex is one amid dozens of wearable models that are making an appearance in a line of activity trackers that are called wearable’s. These tech wearable’s combine not only tech savvy along with social media to let people know just how much or how little that they are getting around on the move each day. This is something that is part of a much bigger trend that is going on with fitness consumers. Fitness consumers want to be able to track every step, as well as, to compare their activities with those of their friends and to share workouts publicly as well. David Chernow who is a resident of Sacramento, does love wearing his Fitbit while out on a recent lunch hour at Capitol Park. He said that he plans on becoming far more conscious about his exercise and to use more of the tracking features of his Fitbit in the New Year. ” “The Fitbit has made a major difference in little ways that I deem a big difference,” he said. “I park my car a little farther away than normal just to get my extra steps in, and things of that nature.

Fitness monitors are growing and changing every day

These fitness monitors, which are in the process of behind developed by corporate big brands such as Microsoft and Nike, in addition to, a bunch of other startups. Do openly want to expand on the step-counting ability of the pedometer. This expansion would be to collect data on not just pace, but also, calories burned, sleep movement, one’s heart rate and skin temperature. They will come in a broad range of styles that are aesthetically pleasing and have sleek bands for watches and not bulky at all. A good many of them are very smart devices in description. They possess the ability to connect with phones or computers. Users can even store, as well as, track their own fitness data or even compare readings with friends by using the same kind of wearable device. There is the new Garmin Vivosmart that can receive texts and emails directly to the band itself. The Fitbit can also link up with a bunch of applications that are capable of logging food, exercise, and also, a smart scale that can store changes for weight and body fat. The prices for these tech wearables can range in price from as little as $50 to as high up as $200.

Activity trackers are very promising tech wearable’s

The sales for activity trackers that are worn on the wrist are up an amazing 30% from the previous year. They are expected to turn into a billion-dollar industry in the next five years or so, said Neil Schwartz, who is the vice president for business development/market insights for industry watcher Sports One Source. There are new products coming out on the market every month. Each one of these new items is promising to help customers get a much better and more comprehensive look at their own health for the very first time.

Once people figure out what tech wearable’s are all about.

They will use them more.“When more people do understand the process behind these tech wearable’s. You will then see more of them buying these products and using them,” he said. “It is definitely the next evolution from a fitness perspective. People do want to be made aware of more. We are living in a great information age.


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