Fitbit One To Fit Everyone’s Good Health For Life!



Fitbit One is a very special kind of activity tracker. This is because it is far more than just an activity tracker. Its functions are numerous in number and they all focus on good health and inspriing people to get involved in fitness for good health, happiness, and longevity. Fitbit One does permit a person to turn fitness into a way of life and also lifestyle.


  • Wireless sync dongle
  • Sleep wristband
  • The One Tracker
  • Charging cord
  • Blue-tooth 4.0 Connectivity
  • Price for device is $99.95

How We Can Use It?

  • Syncs to many iOS devices and select Android phones
  • Online and mobile dashboard
  • Track stairs that are climbed
  • You can use it in order to get much better sleep for yourself
  • You can use it to get fit and in much better health
  • The tracker can be worn on your person at any time of day or night and it will freely track you as you go along in life doing what you normally do every day

Unique Features

  • You can see Real Time progress for yourself with free graphs, tools, and charts
  • Track your fitness progress
  • Track your sleep
  • Silent wake alarm
  • Syncs wirelessly
  • Challenge friends
  • Wear it all day long
  • The two colors that the wristbands do come in are Black and Burgundy
  • Has a 3-D motion sensor that does fully monitor any activity that you do during the day or night
  • Fitbit One free mobile app that permits an individual to keep track of your stats by using any Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Ipod Touch, and 3rd Generation iPad

What gadget can do for us?

  • It helps you to turn fitness into a lifestyle with a smile
  • It helps you to sleep better
  • It also wakes you up in morning
  • Tracks all of your activities
  • It measures your overall sleeping quality
  • The Altimeter encourages a person to walk up a hill and taking the stairs.
  • It makes fitness something fun to do and not something you dread to do

Customer Reviews

There is a very nice review of Fitbit One that is online at REI. The Fitbit One is truly an all around activity tracker that never does seem to rest and is always on the go. This is a very good thing. Because it is very important to have vital stats monitoring that is in the Real Time and that you know will never quit working and moves at you do move. There is also numerous customer reviews at Amazon on this activity tracker and they do tend to vary based on the customer’s overall experience with it. So, what this does mean translated is this, each review will give one or more stars for a product. and Fitbit One did average in at about a little over four stars based on the main product page.


The Fitbit One is definitely the right one when it comes to encouraging one to do activity. This is because it is truly a fun device that is all healthy and nice in delivery. The One is indeed the one way to personally motivate you along to better health and better everything at the end of the day. It never stops being there to care and that is 24/7 and 7/24.


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