Wearable Posture Monitoring Devices

Wearable Posture Monitoring Devices- Facts You Should Know


Posture refers to the positioning of your body when sitting, lying down, and standing. Maintaining a proper posture allows your bones to align properly. Additionally, proper posture ensures that your muscles, joints, and ligaments function perfectly. More importantly, proper posture ensures that your vital organs stay in their correct position and function at their best.

Studies show that posture is among the most neglected aspects of life. Although most people worry about what they eat and how much they exercise, they hardly ever worry about how they keep their posture. The wrong posture has several adverse health effects. For example, reading or typing for 15 minutes while maintaining a wrong posture can greatly exhaust your shoulder muscles, upper back and neck muscles. Fortunately, the society is becoming more conscious of the benefits of maintaining good health. Regardless of your age, maintaining a good posture profoundly affects your health. Luckily, there are wearables that can help you maintain good postures by ensuring that your body remains properly positioned all the time.

Best Posture Tracking Wearables To Fix Your Posture

osture Tracking Wearables

Upright Posture Trainer

The Upright Posture Trainer is a small, discrete, and comfortable device that allows for easy attaching on the lower back with a hypoallergenic adhesive. Thanks to its various sensors, it is able to analyze the posture of the wearer and alerts them with gentle vibrations whenever they begin to slouch. This allows the user to correct their poor postural habits to prevent discomforting situations including back pain and headaches. The wearable comes with an effective mobile app with various training programs to encourage good posture and help improve your spine’s strength.

Zikto Walk

This is an exceptional posture tracking device that analyzes your natural walks. In case there is an imbalance in your walks, Zikto Walk sends a slight vibration alarm to your wrist. Moreover, it functions as an excellent guide and basic activity monitor. Although Zikto looks and functions just like any other fitness monitor, it comes with additional functionalities that make it stand out. For instance, the device analyzes the swinging motion of your arms when walking and uses an accelerometer and a gyroscope to detect any variations. Using gentle vibrations, it alerts the wearer when their walking posture turns worse. Additionally, Zikto analyzes body balance and can be worn on the left or right arm.

Lumo Lift

Besides having the common wearable features such as monitoring calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled, the Lumo Lift can also monitor things like core position, upper body position, and other posture-related factors. This wearable for posture monitoring consists of two devices that include a magnetic plate and a polycarbonate monitor. The magnetic plate ensures that the wearable remains attached to your clothes all the time. On the other hand, the polycarbonate monitor keeps the internal components of the wearable in place. This device has biomechanics tracking sensors that use angle displacement to detect wrong posture.


Prana combines breath monitoring and posture to ensure that users fully benefit from the time they spend sitting. It combines modern medical science research and ancient Yoga traditions to promote good breathing and good posture. This helps promote several health benefits including reduced back pain, reduced stress, and improved focus.

The device resembles a small disc which is attached to the waistband to monitor breathing movements on the chest and diaphragm as well as body position. Using your breathing pattern and posture, Prana monitors your breathing pattern each time you sit. More importantly, Prana provides helpful tips to help you change your breathing and posture.


While most wearable posture monitoring devices are designed to be positioned on your arm, wrist, or clothing, Alex is designed to be worn behind the neck. This position allows the device to analyze the angle of your neck as well as the position of your head. It then uses the data to establish any postural anomalies.

If a user maintains the wrong posture for a while, the device gives them a gentle vibration alert to remind them that they need to improve their posture. This device comes with a coaching app that provides real-time posture analysis.

Sit Smart Cushion

Sit Smart Cushion
This is a unique wearable posture monitoring device designed by Darma. Although it feels and resembles an ordinary seat cushion, it is a smart device that provides actionable data related to the user’s posture. It features a foam pad with a fiber optic sensor that analyzes the posture of the user and notifies them if it finds posture changes. This is done through a cushion vibration or a vibration alert through a Smartphone notification. Moreover, the device collects data about user vitals such as stress levels, heart rate, and respiration. It then suggests personalized breathing and stretching exercises.

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Maintaining a good posture is important. According to health experts, doing so helps you to preserve vital energy. Additionally, it helps avoid untimely fatigue and unnecessary stress. Start maintaining a good posture today by buying one of the above-mentioned wearable posture monitoring devices. You will achieve healthy joints and muscles, and more importantly, your spine will become stronger.


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