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Weight gain and generally obesity is certainly one of the biggest health problems in the world. Losing or cutting the stubborn fat is neither easy. This is possible because some of the causes of weight gain are unintentional. Having mentioned this, there are two primary types of weight gain; intentional and unintentional. Just to mention, unintentional weight gain occurs when weight gain occurs without increasing the amount of food or liquid consumption or decreasing the level of activity. So to say, this often results from various causes. Some of the primary causes of unintentional weight gain include:

  • Pregnancy
    This is the most common cause of unintentional weight gain. During pregnancy, almost every woman puts on weight due to intentional eating in a bid to support the growth of the baby. This extra weight is usually composed of the placenta, amniotic fluid, increased blood supply in the uterus, the enlarging uterus, and the baby.
  • Hormonal changes
    During a woman’s productive years, estrogen is an essential weight regulator. However, with advancing age, specifically between age 45 and 55, menopause is evident. Estrogen, the hormone responsible for ovulation and menstruation begins to decline. A decrease in this hormone often results in weight gain. This is specific to the abdominal regions and hips. Besides this, there are other medical conditions affecting hormone levels. They include:
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Cushing’s syndrome
    • Increased cortisol or stress hormone
  • Menstruation
    The menstrual cycle often results in periodic weight gain. Many women experience bloating and water retention during their periods. Besides this, changing levels of progesterone and estrogen cause weight gain. This is normally a gain in few pounds. However, it subsides as menstrual periods end and reappears at the start of menstrual periods.
  • Fluid retention
    This is an unexplained rapid weight gain. Also known as edema, it affects the limbs, feet, face, abdomen and the hands. Swelling is the primary symptom of this type of unintentional weight gain. Individuals with heart failure or kidney disease often experience these conditions.
  • Medications
    Use of certain medications causes unintentional weight gain. Some of the medications include:
    • Corticosteroids
    • Antipsychotic medications
    • Some birth control pills
    • Antidepressants

Diagnosis and Treatment of unintentional weight gain are often daunting. For experts, the common and effective treatment is usually treating the underlying cause. For instance, if the cause is an imbalance in hormonal levels, prescribe medications that balance the hormonal levels.

On the other side, various other weight gains occur due to a combination of various factors. Be it will power, genetics or other conditions, the rate is controllable. Just to mention, below are some of the determined weight gain causes.

1. Engineered or hyper-palatable junk foods
Currently, foods are refined with chemical ingredients. These products are engineered to be cheap, taste incredibly sweet and last long. However, on the negative, they are not healthy. Many people like this kind of food due to their affordability and ease when cooking.

2. Food addiction
This is a serious condition that can be related to a psychotic disorder. Some people are addicted to foods such that they cannot survive without a bite. Junk foods is a full-blown addiction where susceptible individuals lose control over their eating habits just like alcoholics lose their control over their drinking habits.

3. Food availability
Massive availability of food is one of the factors that has dramatically influenced collective waistline. Food availability, especially junk foods are the other primary reason why many people gain weight.

Other causes include excessive sugars, misinformation, and certain medications.

Fat burners

Being a chronic condition, various remedies have been brought forward to allay excessive weight. Many people prefer the initial remedies involving activity or exercise and diet regulation. However, these regimens take quite some time before results are evident. Therefore, there are various additional remedies to eliminate excess weight. They include the use of weight loss supplements and TrimX.

What is TrimX?

What is TrimX
This is a device that stimulates the process of fat burning or metabolism. This is a specific weight loss strategy. This implies that it stimulates metabolism of fats in specific parts of the body using gel pads that provide an impulse to the muscles. Though not in use, this product is thought to be in the market by June 2017. Upon its release, this device will be the ultimate fat burner to stubborn areas of the body.

It is a better option as it targets specific areas compared to workouts which result in general body weight loss. With this said, it is a wearable tool with designed precision that enhances workouts. The gel pads attached promotes the use of stored fats in the body ensuring enhanced metabolism.

How TrimX Works?

This product is considered effective due to its underlying working process. With this device, your body enters lipolysis automatically. This is usually a natural hormonal reaction that requires the availability of essential chemicals in the body. Lipolysis metabolizes fatty acids into the blood stream enabling them to be distributed in the body for use in energy production. TrimX facilitates lipolysis without much stimulation. The use of gel pads emits electrical impulses that enhance all these processes. The device targets stubborn fats especially found in the thighs, stomach, and hips.

Using TrimX

Using TrimX
This is certainly the best part of this device. It is simple to use. All you need to do is place the gel pads in the area you want fat burn. After this, turn on the device and wait for the magic. There is no minimum or maximum time duration for fat burning process.

Purchasing TrimX

With these immense benefits, many people definitely wonder where to get this powerful device. This product will be available at only $289 for pre-orders. Since the product has not been released, there is no indication of a return policy.

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TrimX offers the ultimate weight loss process. It triggers automatic fat burning facilitating an efficient and effective weight loss. It adds to the various ways of weight loss available in the market currently. Upon its release, much is expected from this specific device.


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