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Cure Migraines with Headache Halo Hat


Headaches are a serious condition affecting multitudes every dawn. However, due to its frequency, many people are used to it, not only the causes but the treatment and various alternative alleviation methods. If untreated, they can be such painful and uncomfortable leading to various health conditions and complications. As a matter of fact, the head is the center of control for various human functions. Impairment of brains’ functioning is therefore quite serious. It is recommended that one should seek a doctor’s consultation if any form of a headache persists.

Headaches are primarily classified according to their causes. With that said, what are the causes of headaches?

Primary Headaches

These are standalone headaches that are caused by over activity or conditions affecting various pain sensitive areas in the head. This form of headache is not regarded to be a symptom of any underlying disease. Changes in the chemical activity within the brain, issues with the blood vessels, nerves of the neck and brain and muscles are some of the triggering factors. There are also genetic relations with primary headaches. Migraines, cluster headaches, trigeminal autonomic cephalgia and tension headaches are some of the forms of primary headaches.
Various factors cause primary headaches. Some of the lifestyle factors include:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Poor posture
  • Lack or change in sleep
  • Stress
  • Missed or Skipped meals
  • Certain foods including processed meats

Headache Halo Hat

Secondary Headaches

Secondary headaches usually occur as a symptom or an indication of a disease that activates pain sensitive areas on the head. So to say, they happen when other conditions stimulate the pain-sensitive nerves within the brain. Secondary headaches are attributed to other conditions. Some of the causes of secondary headaches include:

  • Brain tumors
  • Blood clots
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Alcohol-induced hangover
  • Brain freeze also referred to as ice-cream headaches
  • Concussions
  • Dehydration
  • Glaucoma
  • Influenza
  • Acute sinusitis
  • Ear infection, particularly the middle ear
  • High blood pressure
  • Dental issues among other conditions

Secondary headaches are of various types. Some of the common types include:

  • External compression headaches caused by pressure from headgears.
  • Rebound headaches caused by excessive use of pain meds
  • Ice cream headaches
  • Sinus headaches due to inflammation of sinuses
  • Spinal headaches resulting from low pressure and low volume of cerebrospinal fluid or a leak.
  • Thunderclap headaches. This is a cluster of disorders involving sudden and severe headaches with various causes.

Halo Bags

With that said, migraine headaches are the common type of headaches affecting many people. Just to mention, migraines cause a pulsating and throbbing pain that affects one side of the head. Aching with migraines is accompanied by various symptoms including:

  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Auras or sensory disturbance
  • Lightheadedness

However, good news is, there are various solutions for eliminating these types of headaches to improve one’s mental and physical health. The common remedy being prescription medicines. However, recent innovations have introduced the use of certain wearable devices claimed to stop the pain of headaches. The common wearable product featured is the headache halo hat.

The Headache Halo Hat

This is a strap-on device that is worn on the head that aids in alleviating pain and discomfort caused by headaches. Despite its recent inception, it is becoming a commonly preferred headache alleviation tool due to its numerous positive reviews. Many people prefer this technique as it relieves the headache at its cause. This device has adjustable levels of tightness. Therefore, it is fitting to anyone with headaches. So to say, the size of the head does not matter as it can accommodate a diverse range of body types.

Various experts refer to it as a wearable ice pack as it is designed to be filled with ice. The ice is positioned on the most aching parts as you wrap the strap around your head.

Benefits of The Headache Halo Hat

Benefits of The Headache Halo Hat

As mentioned before, the use of headache halo hat has increased immensely. This is due to the various benefits associated with this simple strap. Some of the benefits of this device include:

  • It reduces aching of headaches. The inclusion of ice in the strap provides a pain relieving or soothing effect that reduces aching in the skull and various connective tissues in the head.
  • It is comfortable and wearable. The device is adjustable and comfortable to wear. Users can wear it for extensive periods without feeling the direct exposure of the attached ice cubes.
  • It is durable. Besides being comfortable to wear, it is made from high-quality materials with FDA approval. This ascertains its durability.
  • It is easy to use. As mentioned, using the device simply involves wrapping on the head with some ice cubes. Effects from this device should dissipate within 30 minutes.

Where Can Headache Halo Hat Be Purchased From?

This product is easily available from the manufacturer’s official website. Besides, there are various legitimate online websites including the Amazon, which offer this product. However, the product has no money back guarantee.

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The headache halo hat is a unique headache relieving method. Despite being a new inception adding to the prescription means of relieving headaches, it has gained immense popularity. There are no other products with similar working formula that offers a strong opposition and comparison to this product. However, there are no known side effects of this headache relieving method. Certainly, it is an interesting and innovative product.


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