Know Everything About Calm Wearable ECG Sensor

Know Everything About Calm Wearable ECG Sensor


Fitness wearables are becoming popular with every passing day. Moreover, new fitness wearables are being introduced into the market almost every day. Clearly, these amazing devices have changed the way fitness enthusiasts work out. More than ever, workouts have become fun, and people are making tremendous achievements with minimum efforts.

What Exactly Is The Calm Wearable ECG Sensor?

This is a multifunctional device specially designed for athletes. It makes use of a revolutionary technology to enable users to get immediate insights and access to their training regimes and performances. More importantly, users can tweak several elements to optimize their mental and physical performance.


Calm Wearable ECG Sensor Features
This device comes with some amazing features that make it worth your time and money. Some Calm Wearable ECG Sensor features include:

User Safety
Calm Wearable ECG Sensor is designed to notice the slightest irregularity in your heartbeat. Besides heart rate, this device can also detect harmful loading issues and rhythmic patterns in your circulatory network. Through an HRV analysis, Calm is in a position to provide users with detailed breakdowns of their physical health.

Sleep Quality
Calm analyses your sleep efficiency and aids regulate your breathing to ensure that you recover more easily after your intense workout sessions.

Calmness Meter
It has a sensor that works by collecting data in relation to your overall mental functionality. This allows you to monitor your anxiety, nervousness and stress levels.

The weight of this device is only 14 grams.

Calm comes with customized gel pads to make sure that you remain comfortable during your exercises.

Chest Strap
Chest Strap
This device comes with a chest strap designed to be placed around the chest during exercises. The strap is robust, stretchable, and adjustable.

Long Battery Life
Calm features a Li-battery, which can be easily recharged using a USB port. A full charge can last up to two days.

Cloud Access
Calm packs modern functionality features. For instance, the device can share data onto a cloud network wirelessly where other users with access to the network can view the analysis and results.

Mobile Application
The device can be synched with a mobile app to help users monitor their progress. Moreover, the mobile app doubles as a coaching tool to help identify shortcomings in regimes.

Calm Wearable ECG Sensor Directions

Calm allows for easy operation. You are required to place the sensor on yourself while training. Depending on the intensity and type of your exercises, you can adjust the disposable gel pad or the chest belt freely for added comfort.

When in motion, the device senses your movements automatically, and this allows it to generate the ECG signal straight from the heart. With every heartbeat, the device can tell you about your mental and physical conditioning not forgetting other important details.

Additionally, the data supplied can be analyzed further to discover how hard you are pushing your body in real time. In case you are over exerting yourself, you will receive a warning.

The Benefits Of The Calm Wearable ECG Sensor


  • To maximize your sleep patterns’ efficiency, you are advised to wear your Calm before going to bed always. The device will help you get deeper analysis into your sleep habits.
  • Not only does Calm sense your physical movements, but it monitors your lung and heart activity while you sleep
  • Calm allows you to discover aspects that affect the quality of your sleep and the most appropriate changes to adopt for healthier sleeping regimes.
  • Once you’ve understood and managed to control your sleep quality fully, you are in a position to get optimum rest. This allows you to have effective workouts and improved productivity.

Aspects That Make The Calm Wearable ECG Sensor Stand Out

  • Data quality – some clinical findings show that the connection quality between the user and a device establishes the quality of data to be interpreted. With this in mind, the main aim of Calm is to capture quality data and be as user-friendly and accessible as possible.
  • Ease of use/ Functionality – through interactions and customer opinions, the manufacturer focuses on keeping Calm’s design simple and removing all the unnecessary elements. For instance, the device doesn’t have any buttons, therefore, with the simple visual cues, anyone can use Calm.
  • Style – all the important device functions come enclosed in a unique and stylish case.
    Buying Calm Wearable Ecg Sensor

The device is currently at its Kickstarter phase and users can place their pre-orders. If you pre-order Calm now, you will pay $80 and the device will be shipped to you later this year. Additionally, there are other interesting deals that can be viewed at the indiegogo page.

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The upcoming Calm Wearable ECG Sensor is amazing in many aspects. It is designed to help fitness enthusiasts with their training regimes for improved performance. Thanks to Calm, tweaking certain aspects in your physical output can help you optimize your mental and physical performance. This product is safe, easy to use, lightweight, and comes with a long lasting battery. More importantly, it allows for customization and comes with a functional mobile application.


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