Wearable Keyboard Launching Soon

Wearable Keyboard Launching Soon- Grab the Opportunity!


Tap Systems Inc. have developed a wearable devices that changes virtually anything to a QWERTY keypad. The following are some of the components that are found in this device.

Bluetooth connectivity
According to Tap, the wearable keyboard will work via the Bluetooth connection on your phone. With this, anything that you can touch becomes a typing space. The company has designed its slogan in a unique manner to attract potential buyers. The slogan is “Change how you interact with the world. Tap turns the physical world into a keyboard. Tap into numerous possibilities”. This slogan is shown together with a person wearing the wearable device while on a bike. The use of Bluetooth connection enables this wearable keyboard to operate with almost any mobile phone, benefiting those who use VR headsets to type even more.

The wearable device is worn on the hand and follows similar concept with the one on Gest gesture control glove and AirMouse wearable device. It is more tailored to perform a particular function than the former and has a design that allows it to produce more output than the latter.

How to use the Tap Strap?

In the Tap website, the company specifies three ways that you can quickly follow to use the wearable technology. These steps are as follows.

  • Create a Tap account.
  • Download the app from the market or play store.
  • Pair with the mobile phone or any other compatible device.

How the Wearable Keyboard Works
Users pull the strap onto their hands; the strap has holes for the thumbnail and all other nails. It can be worn on the left hand or right hand or in extreme circumstances both hands especially for a typing activity requiring two hands. Three thumb straps will turn it on, and three taps and straps from the ring finger will switch it off.

Once the straps have been switched on and donned accordingly, you can pair it with the controlling device. After this, typing can start immediately. With the sensors installed on the strap monitor, tapping becomes more accurate and discreet than voice input and faster and precise when compared with other gesture-based systems.

The Tap Strap has various series of embedded sensors to help in monitoring the mechanical information of your hands and fingers. Each finger represents a vowel and combinations of fingers make numbers and symbols. The typing speed on this keyboard is unknown. There is, however, an application to guide you throughout. Its learning cycle is typically the largest downside of a new text input method.

Tap Strap process
The MCU present in the Tap Strap process decodes data into the finger tap combinations and then transmit these characters through a Bluetooth radio. This application can be used on smartphones using Android and iOS operating systems. Furthermore, Mac computers, Smart TVs, and Windows can effectively make use of this wearable technology. Tap Strap is available in small, medium and large versions. It is charged by the utilization of a micro USB taking a maximum of three hours to charge completely from zero percent. Its battery lasts for over four hours under heavy usage and 72 hours when on a standby mode.

To type any of the five vowels, tap one of the fingers at once, while touching three or so type’s characters, letters, numbers, punctuation marks and all other special characters can also be typed. To learn the different combinations that are required, Tap has developed Tap Genius an accompanying app to provide information and educate the consumer. The tutorial here passes information through visual games and music. An ordinary user will require an average of two hours to learn from the particular app. The app is currently available for iPhones that use the iOS operating system. To familiarize yourself with the app, open the Tap Genius app and play the game as fast as possible to increase speed.

Tap Systems have also partnered with other creative developers to evaluate other possible use of this device, promising to make advancements kits available to people to increase its applications. The firm sees augmented reality, virtual reality, and gaming as other three potential areas for use.


There are 31 possible finger taps, with a promised accuracy level of 91 percent. It is expected that a substantial predictive messaging element will play a part on the Tap Strap typing skills. Most individuals strive to recall a handful of gestures leave alone the proposed 31. Tap System Inc. are aware of this but sees it as alternative to voice messages by exerting control. The firm emphasizes the need to focus on delivering messages with the highest privacy aspects by using gestures to type texts and lists this as one of its main advantages.


With its launch expected soon, customers are eagerly waiting for it. Most of these users are tired of typing and now want smartwatches and heads up display, with less typing on QWERTY laptop keypad or using the thumb on Windows Phone, iPhone, and smartphones. Currently, the device is a beta of sorts that will be made available to the developers and other manufacturers to see how and what they develop with the new technology. To avoid buying at high prices or any inferior sound, then make an offer before start dates. It has been established that firms tend to sell their products at throw away prices to win you over to their firm.


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