Suitable Wireless Connected Devices from Motorola

Suitable Wireless Connected Devices from Motorola


We not only use technology but we live technology. Motorola is embracing technology by the launch of Vervelife. These are a collection of wireless devices that are designed to satisfy a consumer and enable them to stay connected and enjoy life.

For those of appreciate flexible technology and love to try out what is new in the market, Vervelife devices are the perfect devices for you. They will make not only the minutes count, but every second of your digital world count. These devices have multiple benefits ranging from portability, durability, water protection, easy wireless capabilities and an extended battery life.

The fine, interconnected wireless devices offer uncomplicated solutions to users by engaging them and helping them to progress on their social life through staying in touch. They as well offer a busy life whether it is through livecasting video or staying in touch.

In order to connect with the devices that are in range, Vervelife app uses the Hubble connect. It has options for users to create an audio profile that aids in perfect sound optimization. In case you lose or misplace your handset, you can use the pass through audio function to tune it out or to hear what is around it.Hubble helps you to connect to that which is important to you and ensuring they are in contact with you world.

Below are the wireless wearable products that will be launched:

1. VerveOnes and VerveOnes+

VerveOnes are wireless stereo earbuds that are entirely free of wires. VerveOnes come with a number of admirable features which include a 12 hours battery life and a protective charging case. It has as well taken care of a perfect sound quality through the integrated dual mic. The dual mic allows for clear voice calls and it is compatible to Siri and Google.

The Verveones+ offer all the above features as the Verveones and has some another added benefit which is an IP57 sweat and water proof earbuds.

Both VerveOne and VerveOnes products are compatible with android devices and iOS, thanks to the Hubble Connect.

2. VerveRider and VerveRider+

VerveRider are a set of neck-buds that offer all day comfort. They come with great features such as a rich HD quality sound, a 12-hours battery life and an integrated mic that allows for clear calls.

The VerveRider+ has an added benefit of IP57 sweat and water protection. The built-in mic helps one to receive and make calls.

Both the VerveRider and VerveRider+ are compatible with the android and iOS due to the VerveLife app and the Hubble Connect that come with it. They are both offered at a pocket friendly price.

3. VerveLoop and VerveLoop+

The VerveLoop are wireless Bluetooth headphones that can make you take your music anywhere that you would like to. They have two separate earbuds which are connected using a wire.
The VerveLoop+ wireless earbuds come with great features which include an IP57 sweat and water protection all day, a 9.5 hours battery life that will allow you to listen to your favorite songs all day and the beauty of these earbuds is that they are super-light making them convenient to users. The integrated mic enables the users to receive and make calls. They are compatible with android and iOS because of the Hubble connect. They are affordable and thus you should not miss purchasing the VerveLoop headphones.

4. VerveCam+

If you would like to remember that precious moment during your birthday party or wedding ceremony, VerveCam+ is the solution for you. This is a wearable live casting camera which ensures that you never miss that moment. It offers excellent features ranging from a 138-degree view and a brilliant motion video. With integrated Wi-Fi, the user can as well streamYouTube. The VerveCam+ come with other features such as an IP68 sweat and waterproof case, a lanyard and bumper, a clip mount and a universal tripod mount.

The VerveCam+ connects to the Hubble connect for VerveCam app which enables live stream, video and photo editing, time lapse and loop recording among other great features.

5. VerveRetrieve

If you are crazy about that pet of yours and you would like to keep track of it, VerveRetrieve is your solution. It is a GPS pet tracker which enables you to keep track of that lovely pet(s) as long as your pet is within a range where there is cellular data. The greatest feature of this device is that it is IP67 waterproof. This means that your pet can have this VerveRetrieve while deep into the sea or pool or in the rains without any worries. The VerveRetrieve comes with a wander alert and virtual fence. Purchase a VerveRetrieve, and be sure to worry less about your pets’ whereabouts.

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About Hubble

Thanks to Hubble that we stay connected with friends and family members, our adorable pets and places, with up-to-date smart notifications and live video streaming. Hubble enables hardware manufactures and leading brands to swiftly integrate and connect with new products.


Gone are the days where wires were laid down on our floors at homes and in office. All these have been made possible through wireless technology. Motorola is in the lead to offer you the latest and most suitable wireless, wearable devices that ensure you keep in touch with you world as well as you remain entertained all day through music.


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