Turn Your Old Videos into 3D

Turn Your Old Videos into 3D Using Elsewhere iPhone Glasses


The thought of what these glasses can do makes one skeptical, and one can be forgiven for this as the idea is simply at the edge of our imagination. However, the moment you come to experience these glasses, you realize that it’s not just a fantasy but a reality and an awesome one at that.

The proposal brought forward by Elsewhere is to turn any 2d footage on an iPhone into a 3D video. This happens without the usual pre and post capture that is required for the standard 3D videos. In replacement, the app, and lens that are attached to the device trick one’s mind in creating a stereoscopic effect that gives the 3D video. In simpler terms, the app converts motion into depth which means that the effect will only work with a video that is moving. As is the case with VR, the picture is split into two parts one for each of the eyes. Another thing is that one can swipe up and down to intensify or reduce the 3D effect.

The device is a creation of a duo of two tech experts; Aza and Wendellen. To demonstrate the effects, several clips can be shown to bring out the concept, and if you are lucky enough, you may just have the actual creators showing this to you. The clips contain effects that are extravagant and which are designed to impress, but as it is with 3D, the more subtle effects appeal the most.

3D Glasses

A particular a-ha moment can be witnessed when watching a video of the 1940s Berlin which clearly brings out the stereoscopic effects fully. It is impressive how our brains can be tricked into viewing a video that is in 2D in 3D. The joy of this is bigger, particularly when watching videos from the past. This is a cool way to re-live the memories captured in say a recent holiday. This is done with such incredible ease, just sticking a pair of lenses to the phone and then all turns to 3D.

A particular difference from VR is that you do not need to search for created content as every video can serve the function. Imagine watching the whole of YouTube in 3D. It is without a doubt that Elsewhere has the biggest content store in the entire world. However, some of the content works better than the other, and some of the videos do not function at all. Something embarrassing is that some of the videos used in the demo may even refuse to function as expected while you try them out on your own.

An AR mode also exists and which allows you to use the camera to for example watch TV and by extension give it a 3D layer. However, this is not as fulfilling and to some extent, watching the videos in the native format may even appear better.

3D layer

The experience can be compared to Google Cardboard which also does not feature the attachment of a headset. One needs to hold their phone to the face level when viewing making the task tedious. It is advised to do this for shorter periods at a time as one can end up with serious aches. Even though the creators say that one can watch a whole movie on the device, I don’t think it will be such a fancy experience as one may be driven to think

In the arena of 3D, although Elsewhere is not something that is way out of imagination, it is appealing that they managed to get 3D to work on regular phones both cheaply and more efficiently. And even though we do not expect that they create stereoscopic renaissance overnight, it’s nice to give credit where it is due as they have taken the bold step. The technology applied is progressive, and as a starting point, it is interesting to see what the next step in this will be.

Arena of 3D

The price of the lenses at the moment is $50 which is surprisingly cheap considering that it is a market first and the trend is headed upwards. The devices are available at selected stores. You need an iPhone 5s modeland above to experience 3D with Elsewhere.


It is the high time to grab this offer and be part of the first buyers. You will enjoy the experience as imaginations come to reality.


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