Oakley Radar Pace Review

Oakley Radar Pace Review – Facts You Should Know


It is an impressive wearable device that is human, discreet and comfortable. It allows you to communicate with it. It has both artificial intelligence and a fitness coach abilities. The product only requires you to use your ears and voice. It was designed through combined efforts of Intel and Oakley’s parent company Luxottica. They aimed at providing a wearable device that will provide real-time meaningful coaching whereby you converse with it in a natural way.


It was designed from existing Oakley Radar lock glasses which almost resemble each other especially when the earbuds are not attached to the Oakley Radar Pace device. It designed for all fitness levels. It comes with earphones that connect to the device’s frame just above the ear. It allows you to connect other devices via Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors such as power meters, cadence etc. It has a good battery life and takes three hours to charge.

Oakley Radar lock glasses Design


  • The device comes along with a wind guard, which attaches to the side of the temple; it allows the mic to hear your voice clearly in case you are maybe cycling at a high speed.
  • It has a touchpad that allows you to control your incoming calls and music through different tap and swipe commands. It also enables you to activate Siri or Google when you long press.
  • Its earpieces have a couple of hinges which allows for flexibility when adjusting the device on your ears.
  • They connect through a micro USB port on each side of the frame.
  • It is loaded with plenty of its own sensors which include proximity, barometer, gyroscope, humidity and accelerometer.

Radar Features

The Pace App

For it to work, the device must be connected to your smartphone. The app holds your data and schedules. It has various tabs containing each containing workout plan, work out details etc. The device is setup in a way it works with the app. The app allows you to punch in your biometrics, set up a workout plan, set your target and to specify the kind of workout you are intending to undertake. It keeps information and chalks up a schedule for the next few days, weeks or even months. It is during the app setup that you define your workout schedule; the specific activity and when to partake it at a specific time. You can decide to focus on building or recovery. The information about your progress is then stored on your diary log present in the app. Pace adjusts your overall schedule when you miss any workout and fixes it on another slot.

Workout Performance

The Pace allow you to have a two-way communication just like a normal conversation with your allow human being. It necessary to start with “Ok, Radar” when asking the device a question be it about your progress, speed etc. The device responds to your queries with the data. It warns you when you are not carrying your activity quite well. The device is proficient in recognizing different words. It is flexible with syntax.
Workout performance


The device is comfortable to use in that it has nose pads which prevent rubbing. It comes along with reflective lenses in the frame and also clear lenses. This allows you to swap the lenses in low-light conditions. It also has an Oakley’s three-point fit system that prevents any pinching or stress on your ears. Hinges on the earpieces allow you to adjust the device comfortably in your ears.


  • The device keeps track of how often and the days you would like to carry out a certain workout.
  • It provides information in real time.
  • It is dynamic in that it adjusts and adapts when your plans fall apart.
  • It provides valuable information on how you are supposed to improve on your workouts.


  • It is pricey.
  • It does not allow you to pause on command.
  • The device tends to pick up outside noises especially in an urban area making it be less effective.

Availability and Pricing

The wearable coach is available on Oakley’s website at a cost of around $449. It comes with a protective case, clear lens and a bag. It weighs 56g.

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Oakley Radar Pace wearable device is a wearable device that promises to function effectively in helping you to manage and improve your workout effectively. It puts all your information into context. The device is light and resembles normal sunglasses. However, it has to be paired with your phone via an app for it to work.The app is intuitive, features customizable training plan which is core to the device’s USP and it easy to navigate.


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