The BTS Surface EMG Wearable Synchromyographer


Our bodies are constantly in motion for one reason or another. It could be performing an exercise, or performing daily activities such as picking up things or moving from one place to another. In all these scenarios, one thing remains constant, the muscles. Our muscles play a crucial role when it comes to body movements no matter how small or how big they may seem. The muscles contract and expand thus causing the body to move. It is however unfortunate that we seem to overlook the importance of the muscles when monitoring activities. We emphasize more on the movements made, their duration, intensity and even distance as well as the pace. We never stop to ask ourselves about the underlying cause of these movements. Well, all hope is not lost. One company by the name BTS Bioengineering has identified the importance of the muscles and their roles in body movements.

BTS Bioengineering has created a wearable device that puts all these into perspective. The BTS Surface EMG is a wearable gadget whose sole objective is to keep track of muscular movements. This synchromyography gadget uses state of the art sensors to perform its functions. This ensures that the information collected by the device is accurate.

The BTS Surface EMG device is a set of three different models. Each of these models has a specific area of specialization. This means that each of them collects specific data from the wearer. The three models of the BTS Surface EMG include the following:

    The Freemg concentrates on orthopedics and neurological aspects. It is used to detect, identify and analyze any dysfunctions in the said areas.
    As the name suggests, the freewalk is a models used to keep track of muscular activities as a person is walking.
    All occlusal interferences are addressed and corrected by the Tmjoint.


  • Connectivity – We have seen many of the wearable devices in the market use various types of technology to connect with their compatible devices. Unlike many of these devices that use Bluetooth tech, the BTS Surface EMG uses Wi-Fi as its primary connectivity. Similar to Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi allows for the transfer of data from the BTS Surface EMG to the device. As a result, the wearer is capable of viewing real time data that has been analyzed.
  • Compatibility – Users of devices running on the Windows OS are the lucky lot. The BTS Surface EMG is compatible with devices that run on any of the Windows software regardless of the type.

How Does the BTS Surface EMG Work?
The BTS Surface EMG uses a set of tools to carry out its functions. The BTS Surface EMG consists wireless electrodes which are made in the form of a gel. This gel is then applied onto the skin of the individual using the device. The electrodes are used as an amplifier to amplify the signals the body gives out. The amplified signals are received by an electromyogram. The electromyogram is responsible for analyzing the collected data and filtering it, only to be left with relevant data. These data is finally transferred in real time to a computer or any other PC operating on the Windows platform. This transfer is aided by the Wi-Fi connectivity feature. The data is displayed on the PCs for the user to view.

Unique Features
The touch interface allows for easy access of data and eradicates the need for having buttons on the device.

The EMG sensors embedded within the BTS Surface EMG are advance thus enabling the gadget to perform all functions accurately and effectively.

The BTS Surface EMG power source is a rechargeable battery.

What Can the BTS Surface EMG do for Us?
The BTS Surface EMG has one function which is to monitor the activities of the muscles. All three models of the device are in one way or another linked to muscular activities. They monitor these activities and where necessary correct any problems that may arise.

Your Say
The functioning of the BTS Surface EMG was intriguing to the public. Well, many users were impressed at the level of accuracy the gadget displayed. It was also great that the device could help them in detecting some internal body dysfunctions. It was however unfortunate that the BTS Surface EMG was considered to be a bit rigid. It did not perform a wide range of functions as expected of today’s technology.

The Verdict
The BTS Surface EMG is a nice way of knowing what happens inside your body. With this device, you can detect brain dysfunctions among a variety of other functions. With the BTS Surface EMG, it is not about the exterior, but instead about the interior of the body. This aspect makes the BTS Surface EMG stand out from other wearable gadgets. If you are looking for accuracy, then the BTS Surface EMG will definitely not disappoint.


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