The BPM Physio Wearable Tech


270 Vision Ltd. has taken wearable tech to a whole new level with their wearable gadget, the BPM Physio. The BPM Physio is not your average fitness tracker. This a wearable device whose purpose goes beyond activity tracking to perfectly incorporate the health aspect to the wearer. The BPM Physio can simply be described as the perfect blend between fitness and health tracker without having to compromise on either. Why is this so? The BPM Physio has been developed using advanced technology that enables it to perform a wide range of functions. These functions are aimed at monitoring the body in an attempt to improve on its health.

The BPM Physio consists of numerous minute sensors that have the capabilities of identifying and monitoring body movements. Although embedded with numerous sensors, the BPM Physio is fairly small and light in weight. This makes it easy for its users to have it on without being too conspicuous or getting in the way.

Connectivity – the BPM Physio connects wirelessly to compatible tablets and PCs allowing foe effortless transfer of data. This is achieved through the use of Bluetooth technology that allows for the transfer and display of real time data.

Compatibility – tablets and PCs are known to be the best choice for compatible devices. However not all tablets and PCs can work with the BPM Physio software. Only devices running on Windows, Android or iOS are fully compatible.

The physical device, BPM Physio works hand in hand with a body measurement software. This software is installed in any device that runs on a compatible OS and forms the gesture interface.

The button interface is an option for devices especially PCs that may not support the touch interface.

How Does the BPM Physio Work?
The working of the BPM Physio is not too different from other gadgets. The device can be worn anywhere on the body. Once in place, the gadget is activated. It uses the numerous sensors embedded inside it to collect a wide range of data that gets analyzed by the software. Once the analysis is done, the software uses the collected data to create a visual representation that allows for easy comparison between present and past data.

Unique Features
The BPM Physio has quite a number of features that make it stand out from other wearable devices. These features include:

  • Movement Sensors – these are sensors that detect and monitor all the movements made by the body. Whether the movement is in vertical or horizontal direction, the combination of sensors is sure to identify the movement. The movements are collected and used to recreate the body movements in an animation display. These motion sensors include:
    • Accelerometer
    • Barometer
    • Gyroscope
    • Magnetometer
    • Pedometer
    • Pressure sensors
  • Rechargeable Battery – the BPM Physio uses a rechargeable battery that gets charged using a USB cable.

What Can the BPM Physio do for You?
When you think of a wearable tech tracker, the first thing that comes to mind is the tracking of activities. Other subsequent functions are as a result of added benefits. Although this is also the main purpose of the BPM Physio, the difference is in the aftermath of collecting the activity data. Once your data has been collected, it is analyzed. The software is then responsible for the visual display of the relevant data. Another unique aspect is the use of the data. Users especially clinicians use the information for treatment.

Word on the Street
There are many things that users of the BPM Physio appreciate about the device. It accuracy and efficiency are just but the tip of the ice berg. Its small stylish size was a good touch. Many users were glad that they could get one device that could perform many of the functions that would have otherwise required more than one device. One of the disappointments registered by many people was the restriction the device offered. The BPM Physio was restricted to tablet and PC use only. This made it a bit difficult for many people to conveniently access their data. This is because many, although owning tablets, would not prefer to use their tablet for this purpose. The preference for many people would be the smartphone which is easier to carry around.

Finals Say
The BPM Physio speaks for itself. This wearable device performs quite well allowing for accuracy and efficiency. It is no secret that the BPM Physio is a unique piece of wearable tech. it diversity and versatility is unrivalled by any other wearable tech. Notably, this wearable technology is a bit on the expensive end in comparison with some of the other wearable tech that come at cheaper prices. However, this is more than a reasonable price based on the complex functions it performs that would otherwise cost more. If you are looking to balance between physical fitness and your health, then the BPM Physio is the best wearable device for you.


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