The Beddit Sleep Monitor

The Beddit Sleep Monitor Could Revolutionize Sleep


Is Sleep Tracking A Trend Or Is It Valid?

Many people take their ability to sleep for granted. Some have no problems getting a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis, while others struggle for this. While sleep is important for every person there are some that find it even more important. Athletes know that if they are not getting their proper rest, then no matter how skilled they are or how hard they practice they will not excel to their greatest level. This is just one of many examples of where sleep takes on an extra meaning.

A Problem Identified And A Solution Provided

Numerous people have clearly indicated that they have concerns about their sleep patterns. A Finnish company called Beddit has taken on the challenge of creating a sleep tracker that can provide some valuable information. It is designed to work with the Apple Watch and iOS. The product they have developed is called the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor. Most importantly it has scientific credibility.

The credibility of the Beddit Sleep Monitor is further supported with the Brand being recognized for their production of a variety of sleep tracking products utilizing leading technology.

What Does The Beddit Sleep Monitor Do?

Beddit Sleep Monitor Do
Problem sleepers have difficulty identifying what their sleep pattern consists of which hinders them from finding solutions. The Beddit Sleep monitor addresses this problem. The device is so advanced it is able to track what is happening during both the daytime as well as nighttime. It has a note section that allows for tracking the accumulation of the data. These notes are then analyzed by the device, and with the results is able to assist the user in adjusting their sleep habits to become more positive.

It does its work automatically, so no special activity is required by the user. The Beddit 3 identifies when the user is trying to enter into a sleep mode. It does this through its highly sensitive sensors.It can sense when the user has entered their bed through sensors that can identify the pressure presented by the bed. The user does have to place a measuring strip that goes unnoticed when placed under the sheet. Once this strip is positioned it causes no discomfort for the user when laying on the bed and it remains in place thanks to its non-skid capabilities.

When the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor detects that the user has reached the optimum level of sleep, it will emit a smart alarm to awaken the user.This is done when the user has reached a light sleep mode which is the ideal time to wake up to avoid feeling groggy.

This unit has the ability track numerous different types of data such as,

  • The restless periods the user is experiencing while sleeping
  • Heart rate
  • Breathing
  • Snoring
  • The duration of sleep
  • Body temperature
  • Humidity of the bedroom
  • Time out of bed

What Can You Expect From The Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor?

Expect From The Beddit

Ease Of Use
Even though the device is quite advanced ease of use has been a priority in its construction. It is comprised of both hardware and software that has been designed with the user in mind.

Quality Components
The device has been made with quality components that protect it from damage. A fabric sleeve provides protection which reduces the chances of inadvertent damage to the unit.

The unit has been developed with leading technology that allows for accurate monitoring of sleep. The expectations are, as technology advances in this area the Company will continue to incorporate it in more advanced units when the knowledge is available to do so.

Compatibility With Healthkit
The Beddit 3 works well with the HealthKit, and allows for data transfer to the iOS Health App.

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What Are The Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor Weaknesses?

Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor Weaknesses
There is no doubt that there are many impressive positive benefits and features to the Beddit 3, but it does have some imperfections. The unit does need to be plugged into the power supply of the unit in order for it to function, and this is something that could easily be forgotten. If there is a lack of power supply then the unit will not work.

For those that don’t sleep alone then the Beddit 3 could be interfered with by the bed partner. This can create a problem unless the user is willing to sleep alone during the course of the time using the Beddit 3.

There is also a requirement of having to remain situated on top of the strip. If a person happens to roll to the other side of the bed then this will interfere with the Beddit 3 monitoring.

While these are significant flaws a potential user must determine if they are enough to prohibit the purchase of the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor, or whether these flaws can be addressed.


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