Naptime Smart Eyeshade

The Benefits of Naptime ECG Technology and the Naptime Smart Eyeshade


There is no shortage of people who complain about low energy levels. The most common approach to address this when it hits a person is to consume some form of energy booster that may be anything from a power bar, energy drink, supplements or several cups of strong coffee. All of which over time can create their own issues or at the very least lose their temporary effectiveness for driving up the energy. So if this isn’t the solution, then what is?

How About a Power Nap?

First thought when hearing this suggestion as a solution for low energy is “easier said than done”. Perhaps maybe so, but that could be in the past. A new product has just arrived, and It’s called Naptime Smart Eyeshade. Just as the name implies, it is a product designed to help those who use it to grab a quick nap. Upon waking from this experience, users are going to feel vibrant and alert and completely refreshed as if they had just awoken from a full night’s sleep.

The Naptime Smart Eyeshade

The Naptime Smart Eyeshade

Now the common problem with traditional power naps is most people cannot take them. Simply because they cannot fall asleep in a short period of time, so what was intended to be a short power nap is not possible. The Naptime Company realized this as being a real problem and believe they have developed the solution. This is the Naptime Smart Eyeshade.

According to the Brand, they truly feel that users who wake up after using their product are going to see the difference with no nap after effects like feeling groggy.

The Technology Behind Naptime Smart Eyeshade

This product has some important built-in components that have some merit behind them for encouraging sleep.

Some people cannot fall asleep when there are sounds that they can hear except when perhaps its music. Music has often been used as a natural relaxer to lull people into the sleep mode. Others find that meditation helps to clear their mind and allows them to relax so the sleep process can take place. So which one is best and which one do you choose? With the Naptime Smart Eyeshade, you don’t have to make a choice because you get to use both music and meditation tracks that are built into the product.

No More White Noise
Even if the atmosphere that one is trying to nap in is relatively quiet, there is usually some level of white noise that can prevent the sleep process. To deal with this issue, the Naptime Smart Eyeshade has attached ear covers that still allow the hearing to access the music and meditation but blocks out the white noise.

No More White Noise

What’s Going on in the Brain?

Here is where the technology in the Naptime Smart Eyeshade gets even more impressive. It has EEG sensors built in for the tracking the brainwaves of the user to help encourage sleep at the right time. These sensors can also detect when the right waking moment is and will alert the user to wake up at this time by starting the music.

Throughout the research that was conducted for this product, the developers were able to determine the right time span for a power nap that would bring the best results. This was determined to be between 10 to 20 minutes which is a true definition of a power nap. It is this research that helps the product to determine the waking time.

The Priority of Comfort

One of the most common problems when it comes to trying to grab a quick nap is a comfort. The Naptime Smart Eyeshade has addressed this issue with the product being comprised of quality materials like soft outer layers made of leather, and the inner layers made of breathable materials to prevent heat and moisture build up. Then with the inner layer being comprised of foam, it means the mask contours to the features of the face of each individual user, offering ultimate padding and comfort.

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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

To make this product even more impressive, it comes with a Naptime App that has the ability to track the collected data of the brain wave functions, which gives the opportunity for the user to modify the music and make other adjustments as necessary. Users are able to collect nap scores and use these metrics to enhance the experiences they are enjoy with the Naptime Smart Eyeshade.

Although Naptime may not have hit the open market as yet, the product is receiving a lot of attention from the media who are impressed with the creativity and innovation that has gone into its development as well as the great solution it is providing.


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