Utilizing the Technology of the Myontec Mbody Connected Shorts

Utilizing the Technology of the Myontec Mbody Connected Shorts


Knowing what effect sports play has on the athlete’s body can play an important role in determining the level of fitness the player is at, their stamina, and potential damage that may be occurring to the muscles is highly important.

EMG is the process of measuring the electrical activity of the muscles. These shorts are able to incorporate this technology. The shorts can be used by any sports athlete during their game play no matter what the sport is.

The Technology

The Technology

The Myontec Mbody Connected Shorts are designed with leading technology, and they are the pioneer of this type of application. The technology that has been placed into the design of the shorts has been backed up with scientific proof through testing and experimentation through their wear, by a variety of athletes in various Universities and Sports establishment.

These shorts are comfortable to wear, and all of the wiring and sensor equipment is intricately woven into these compression shorts. One may think because of all this wiring and sensors that the shorts would be heavy and bulky which is far from the truth. The Mcell which is the EMG device is lightweight and small. It possesses a high-frequency sampling rate and the capabilities of data storage. It is operated with wireless technology.

What all of this technology provides is the collection of data of the muscle activity that is taking place during any sports activity.

Capabilities of the Myontec Connected Shorts

Capabilities of the Myontec Connected Shorts

These impressive and good looking shorts are able to provide an analysis of any muscle overload that may be taking place. They can indicate to the user when they are ready for their sports participation by measuring the warm up activities. The EMG monitoring can give a clear indication when fatigue is setting in. When the time comes where recovery and relaxation must be implemented the shorts can track this through its monitoring capabilities. During training sessions, the data collected can be used for the analysis of balance and efficiency levels, while at the same time giving enough information to help ward off potential injuries that can be determined by the collected data.

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The Value the Myontec Connected Shorts Provides

Enhanced knowledge by providing data that has been collected during live training. This information allows decisions to be made about the current and future training. The shorts provide valuable information as to how the muscles are reacting and their response to certain movements and activities that the sports is dictating. The data collected can be used as a metric for determining where vulnerabilities to injuries are.

Training enhancement is something else that can be enjoyed with these shorts. Analysis of what is taking place during the sports play and exercise regime that can help the athlete and trainers with their decision-making responsibilities that are based on player performance and their strengths and weaknesses within their muscle functionality.

The Value The Myontec Connected Shorts Provides

A better outcome can from the play and training regime can be expected when a player is using the Myontec shorts. Some of the data collected include heart rate, speed, and power as well as cadence. Being able to monitor athletes in this fashion is critically important to the players, coaches, and trainers.

Another important role that the Myontec Shorts take on is their assistance in rehabilitating a player who has injured muscles. It can provide the data for implementing the groundwork for recovery. It can monitor the recovery of damaged muscles, and give the therapists in charge of the recovery a heads up as to what is and not working in their rehab program.

These experts can utilize the information that is provided like the power of the muscles and detection of imbalances. They can determine the muscle distribution rates and with all this collected data develop a comprehensive recovery program that they may not have been able to do in the past in such an easy fashion.


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