ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

Who Wouldn’t Want ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer?


There is no need to be sitting behind a desk or carrying a bulky laptop computer to get access to the internet. Or for that matter you don’t even need your mobile device. After all, how can you enjoy your bike riding if you have to rely on any of these? What you do need is the ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer.

If you have been dealing with frustrations in relation to your cycling sensors and other GPS computer usage you can forget about all of that with this nifty piece of equipment. Wahoo Fitness has taken this to a whole new level. One of the most common problems cyclists have faced in the past with similar technology is the confusion that comes with the menus.

What Can You Expect With The ELEMNT?

What Can You Expect With The ELEMNT

  • When used with the companion app which you get for free you can expect….
  • An easy process in setting up your data fields
  • The opportunity to customize your profiles just the way you want
  • Keeping tabs on your track performance is a breeze
  • If you want to share your ride data you can do so in no time at all.

Keeping Track Of The Important Stuff

Accessing the data that this device can detect can easily be done just by viewing the LED QuickLook indicators which by the way you can program. The information you can collect from this is important speed metrics, cadence and power performance.

All of the must haves in a unit like this include simplicity in setup, no problems staying connected and no issues with navigation. It doesn’t get any easier than this when you making full use of the ELEMNT.

Consider The ELEMNT Updates For Integration

Consider The ELEMNT Updates For Integration

Strava Live Segments

All it takes is access to wifi to upload your choice of Strava segments. When you are using ELEMNT you will receive alerts as they become available on the route you are using. This will allow you to take on the challenges against your PR and your goals or even the KOM.

How About Your Strava Suffer Score?

This score indicates how you are doing with your efforts and will tell you what te variations are in the the different heart rate zones. This metric will do a comparison against the data provided by your heart rate monitor in regards to your maximum heart rate.

Want To Know The Best Bike Split?

You can get all the information you need to implement your best bike split. You have the opportunity to upload the course you are about to race and the plan you are implementing to ELEMNT. You can easily do this through WiFI. You will be able to get your target power and speed, and that’s not all. You will get the distance to the next cue and plenty of other important information that is really going to help you scale up your race performance.

The integration that is available to you with ELEMNT is comprehensive and can be classed as the leader in this category for bike computers. Added to this are the well-known shifting systems for electronics such as…

  • Shimano Di2
  • FSA WE
  • Campagnolo EPS

You Can Count On The ELEMNT Features

You Can Count On The ELEMNT Features

  • Easy use GPS
  • A great 2.7” diagonal screen that you can customize
  • Leading technology with Dual-Band
  • Effective wiring connection and no problem uploads
  • Easy access smart buttons and perfect zoom buttons
  • The ability to implement live tracking
  • Access to Global Maps
  • A quality USB battery that is rechargeable
  • Easy to view QuickLook LED Indicators
  • The options to be able to send text messages or emails
  • Can receive phone alerts
  • KICKR Smart Trainer Control
  • Electronic Gear Shifter Compatibility
  • Muscle Oxygen Sensor Compatibility
  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation with Komoot and Ride With GPS Routes

and several others

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And Don’t Forget About The Integrations!

  • Strava Live Segments Integration
  • Strava Live Suffer Score Integration
  • Best Bike Split Course and Race Plan Integration

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