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What Makes The Shapeheart Armband An Amazing Fitness Resource?


Getting fit and staying that way is something that a lot of people are now making a priority in their lives. They are doing this for some really important reasons. One is they believe that overall they will feel much better both mentally and physically. The second reason is that being in good shape enhances the appearance of both men and women. Then another equally important reason is being fit can act as a preventative for many future health issues. To help get fit many rely on different resources to assist them like the Shapeheart Armband.

Understanding What The Shapeheart Armband Is And It Does?

Most that are implementing some type of fitness regime like to rely on various types of technology that is available to assist them in different ways. Some of this technology helps them to reach their goals. Other forms of technology assist the individual to track their progress. The Shapeheart Armband is one of those devices that allows for this. While there are many devices that allow for progress tracking this particular device is more advanced and has some uniqueness to it. Runners are finding that this device is becoming most valuable to them because of the type of data it collects and how it portrays that data.

What Does It Do?

What Does It Do
Its primary purpose is to measure the heart rate which is something that many runners want to do for several reasons.

What It Looks Like?

The unit is made of a magnetic phone case. As the name suggests it straps comfortably to the arm rather than the wrist. The case of the unit covers the screen of the phone. The device works off an optical sensor that can be removed if necessary. The armband is comprised of a silicon material, and the sensor is positioned at the back of the armband. Its job is to allow for connection to the Bluetooth that the user is going to access the data. The sensor has a 25-hour battery life to it, and it can be conveniently recharged simply with a USB.

What Makes The Shapeheart Armband Unique?

Shapeheart Armband Unique
Ease To Use
This particular unit has been designed for ease of use. Runners don’t have to do a lot of programming of it which is a waste of time and can sometimes be a complex matter with other types of tracking devices. Phone applications are easy to access with this unit which cuts down the chance of errors being made in reviewing the data being provided.

Easy Reading
The ease of being able to see the screen without light affecting it when it hits it is something else that makes this unit quite unique, as most devices have this problem. Being able to see the data at a glance during an activity means not having to stop to read the information because it can be seen clearly when being active and the light is not able to affect it.

Easy Wear
The Shapeheart Armband is not only made with quality materials, it is designed so it fits comfortably but snug on the upper arm. The strap will not cause irritation. There is less chance of it moving out of position, and yet it can still be easily seen.

All Year Round Use
For those who like to continue with their exercise regime all year round this unit comes with a winter kit that can be easily transitioned to once the cold weather arrives.

One case does not fit all so there is a choice of three case sizes so everyone wanting to use this unit can be sure of a perfect fit for the particular phone that they wish to use.

You Can Count On The Quality

You Can Count On The Quality
All of the important issues that exercise buffs may have been taken care of with a device such as the Shapeheart Armband thanks to the design and construction of this device. Just as important is its durability and longevity. With the quality components that this unit is comprised of and its excellent craftsmanship, these are two extra benefits that can be counted on by those who choose to purchase this unit.

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The Importance Of Tracking Your Heart Rate

Heart rate tracking when running or performing other exercises is becoming more popular and increasingly important. Those that want to track their heart rate want to be able to do so on a continuous basis, and this is what the Shapeheart Armband allows them to do. Tracking the heart rate in this fashion allows the individual using it to be able to gauge how intense their activity is. With the information gathered they could then determine what pace they are working at and determine if this is the level they want to be at, or if they are pushing themselves too far. By being aware of this potential injuries can be avoided. It also allows users to be able to plan a regime to build their intensity over a period of time by being able to track their progress.


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