Semi-precious Smart Jewelry Creations

Semi-precious: Top 8 Perfect Smart Jewelry Creations


As a trend, smart jewelry has been in the loop for three years or more. Currently it’s in the stage where regardless of the jewelry piece you would prefer smarted up, there are a number of options. Startups like Vinaya and Ringly, with other established brands such as Fossil and Swarovski, have quickly recognized the prospective of the form factors and have gone ahead to create gorgeous designer jewelry that not only appeals to the eye, but has smart features such as stress management and fitness tracking features. Here is some of the best fashion the smart jewelry creations:

1. Zenta

There is no doubt that Zenta is among the smartest pieces of jewelry that you should be looking forward to. It comes from Vinaya (London based startup). It acts as an all-knowing companion application and a biometric bracelet that assists you design your schedule, improve your well-being and reduce stress levels.

There is the Swarovski studded style, which is accessible in sport bands and leather, you can order it at the moment with its shipping set for 2017 spring.

2. Ear-o-Smart

The ear happens to be a spot that has great potential for wearable, especially for women as they wear earrings. This jewelry is unpaired and is used to track activity, heart rate, calorie burning and synchronizes it to your android or iPhone. Its prototype uses the coin cell battery that lasts for about 8 hours. The team is selling a (Do It Yourself) kit to enable kinkerers add their own metal cases and stones onto the tiny component.

3. Altruis

This happened to be the initial product of Vinaya. It certainly looks chic, fresh and definitely worth its price tag. It does a single job, and does it well-giving you alerts on important notifications.

It is modular, thus if you opt for a bracelet, pendant or ring, you can decide to pop the main unit out and rock it in a different unique style. Making it personal is easy as there are enough choices such as rose, gold, platinum or gold for the metals of 3 distinct ring sizes. The best thing is that you can enable it to only let through essential notifications that have predetermined keywords. If that isn’t smart, I certainly don’t know what is.

4. Ringly

This is an 18,000 gold ring set that has a variety of choices including pink, black onyx, sapphire, moonstone, emerald or the limited edition of tourmalated quartz. This jewelry comes in 3 distinctive connections and sizes, both android and iOS phones.

This is how it works; the 5 colors and 4 vibration patterns are mapped to texts, Ubers arriving, calls, meeting alerts, Twitter and Facebook notifications. With this jewelry, you can continue with your normal routine and know with a glace if you should pick your phone. Wearable tech is getting quite elegant. The next version may feature NFC payments acknowledging the partnership with MasterCard.

5. Tory Burch x Fitbit Flex

Fitbit already has a fan base and the Tory Burch case that is in jewelry form happens to be a perfect treat for its users. Definitely its elegance has not been compromised, even if you can spot Fitbit peeping through. The fret pendant is slightly less expensive compared to the metal-hinged bracelet. The Tory Burch accessories for the novel Fitbit Alta is set to land later this year.

6. Aries

The subsequent smart jewelry from Ringly is a smart bracelet that goes by the name Aries. It has features such as the alert handling, similar to the unique and original smart ring however adds a slightly longer battery life and fitness tracking. Aries is both android and iOS compatible, enabling users kill its Ringly application and still receive alerts for the entire day.

These bracelets feature different types of semi-precious stones and are gold-plated. Currently you can pre-order Aries, with a shipping set for 2016 end of summer.

7. Bellabeat LEAF Urban

This jewelry features a number of lifestyle tracking alternatives from a slick device. You can monitor your stress levels by simply recording the breathing patterns and the companion app will notify you how prepared or rested you are in dealing with stress of that particular day.

This device can assist women in tracking their menstrual cycle and give them advice on their ovulation period. The step and sleep monitoring happens to be a part of the comprehensive package feature and this wearable is funky and smaller compared to its predecessor.

8. Fitbit Alta x Public School

Fitbit Alta x Public School
The latest fashion collaboration Fitbit has made with the New York label Public Sch. The results have ended up dividing the office and will probably only look good, if you are a model who has a minimal wardrobe. However, its collection is (Fitbit Alta) a different take when it comes to fitness tracker accessories that has a modern look and is due later this year.

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Having extensively covered the above smart jewelry creations of the modern day, it is important to note that they are the next big thing in the tech world. Do not hesitate, grab yourself one of them and get to enjoy its upscale benefits at your own comfort.


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