Runlites Gloves

Turn Your Nights Into Shiny Ones With Runlites Gloves Flashlights


Runlites gloves are hand glove flashlights that enable you to carry out outdoor activities such as running, hiking, cycling, hunting, etc. in the evening hours and also indoors activities in low light areas. The wearable device consists of built-in rechargeable lights. You can carry out your activities with ease since the device is worn on your hands. It makes it easy for you to look for things in the dark by use of your hands. They are light in weight and turn your hands on with the inbuilt lights. The gloves are ideal for fitness enthusiasts who run during evening hours. Wearing the gloves lights up the way for you as well as allow others to see you coming. Hunters, campers, and other outdoor experts are taking advantage of the Runlites Gloves.

The Manufacturer Of The Runlites Gloves

Runlites gloves wearable devices were invented and patented by Mary Tiffin who is the president and CEO of Runlites with the help of the engineering team at Bucknell University’s Small Business Development Center. The inefficiency of headlamps and flashlights frustrated her while carrying out her exercises at night. This motivated her to invent the hand glove flashlights that are more convenient and reliable. She claims that the gloves are more comfortable even in the dark.

Features Of Runlites Gloves

Features Of Runlites Gloves

  • Lighting
    It has a removable light unit that features two brightness-setting levels that are 40 lumens or 80 lumens. The device projects 80 lumens of lighting up to 15 feet. This allows you to adjust the light depending on dusk or darkness. The light unit can project radial light arc of 135 degrees. You only require one touch on the button to switch the light on or off.
  • Batteries
    The batteries in the device are rechargeable through a USB port. It lasts you for up to 48 hours.
  • Gloves
    The gloves are available in both half and full length. The choice between the two will depend on some factors such as your preference, activity, climate etc. They are made from long-lasting breathable fabric and are light in weight. They also feature a reflective strip that is designed to add to the visibility when you are out in darkness or dusk. The Runlites gloves come in different styles and sizes for both children and adults. This allows you to choose your best style.
  • Padded Palm pocket
    The pocket allows you to store various small items safely as you carry out your activities. You can store your keys, ID, music unit, and money.

Categories Of Runlites Gloves

Categories Of Runlites Gloves
The devices are categorized into three categories. They are:

1. Everyday use devices
There are gloves designed specifically for daily use for those working in low light areas. They are hands-free and convenient for use.

2. Runners, cyclists, and athletes
The feature stressed in these gloves is visibility. They allow you to see and be seen. This enables them to carry out evening hours activities with ease.

3. Outdoorsmen and survivalists
In this category, minimalism is the key and use of your hands is valuable. The Runlites offers you a solution to put on the light where you need it.

How To Use The Runlites Gloves

The gloves are simple to use. You are required to only tap the on/off button to light the path or switch off the light when not needed. The battery has a USB port that allows you to recharge it.

Advantages Of The Runlites Gloves

Advantages Runlites Gloves

  • They are light in weight and feature a compact design.
  • They are powerful hands-free personal LED lighting.
  • They offer a solution to the clunky and uncomfortable lighting alternatives such as handheld lights.
  • It is ideal for use without limiting your hands.
  • It is made from a breathable fabric.

Availability And Pricing

Runlites gloves are available on the brand’s website in different models and sizes. The super styles are designed for children, sportsmen, older individuals, preppers, and students. This offers you an opportunity to choose your best style. The prices vary depending on the size and type of the hand glove flashlight. The Unisex model is available in a range of colors. The half-length dry-wick fabric costs $34.99 while the full-length polar fleece costs $39.99. You can by the Runlites LED light units separately at a cost of $19.95. They can fit in all Runlites gloves and slings.

Availability And Pricing

Other Products In The Runlites Line

There are new fashions added to ensure that you turn your night into light in a more convenient way. The company introduces Runlites SLING that is ideal for warmer climates. It is available at a cost of $15.95. It is hands-free for those who do not want to wear the actual glove. This was in response to Runlites gloves fans who preferred a palm-less option. Another product is Runlites Splash, which is available at a cost of $19.95. It features fingerless gloves. It is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric. The light unit is sold separately.

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Runlites gloves are high-quality wearable devices that will enable you to walk, run, or find something in darkness or in low-light areas with a lot of ease. They are more convenient and reliable. It lights up your way and saves you from the hassle of other flashlights such as handheld flashlights, headlamps etc. especially where you are to use both hands to perform a task. They are easy to use and come at an affordable price.


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