Music Wrap M25

Amazing Double Speakers “Bendy” Headphones Music Wrap M25


Music Wrap M25 is a sound device that is produced to provide you with high sound quality designed by transmitting the sound directly to your ears without impairing your eardrums or alertness. It combines the headphone design and speakers in an innovative way to create a personal sound space that brings music to life. The best thing with the device is that it does not sacrifice your awareness of the surrounding. The headphones are detached from the ears thus lessening the chances of damage of human eardrum. The set of speakers is powerful and flexible allowing you to listen to your favorite music wherever you go.

Manufacturer’s Information

The manufacturer of Music Wrap M25 device is Music Wrap Company. It was created with a goal of revolutionizing the way music can be experienced. The manufacturer claims that the device is of high quality when compared to the headphones and earbuds.

The Design Of The Product

The Design
Its design packs a microphone and powerful stereo speakers in a slender looking package. It has a one lithium polymer battery. It weighs 4.8 ounces only. It is designed in a way that it creates personal sound space by combining the benefits of stationary speakers and standard portable speakers. This allows you to enjoy your music and engage with the surrounding.

Features Of The Music Wrap M25

  • Weatherproof
    The device features anti-shock and IP X5 resistance rating feature that allow you to use it in different weather conditions. IP X5 is resistant to water. It is ideal to be worn in snowy or rainy weather as well as in humid climates.
  • Transformable speaker
    Transformable Speaker
    It gives you the ultimate experience in versatility. The speakers are designed in a way that they transmit sound directly to the user in a safer way without impairing the eardrums. They are connected by use of a flexible band that allows you to use the device anywhere. The band is long enough to fit around your neck. You can place the device somewhere for it to play music to the room instead. You can also wrap the band around your wrist or create a freestanding mini speaker system.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
    The device connects to your iOS or Android device via the Bluetooth. It allows you to connect it with your devices with Bluetooth capability. This feature allows for hands-free calls, GPS streaming, as well as acts as smartphone speaker allowing you to listen to your favorite apps such as podcast etc.
  • Battery lifespan
    The device lasts you for 8 hours on a full day use without the need of being recharged. It takes 10-days standby battery life.
  • Rubberized control buttons
    The buttons allow you to manipulate the device settings.

How To Use The Music Wrap M25 Device

Music Wrap M25 Device
The device is easy to use. You are required to turn it on by pressing the power button then activate it by pressing the corresponding Bluetooth button. This allows it to connect to your device. You can then control the volume to your desired level while the music is playing by use of simple buttons on the rubberized cord. The device produces a low-level beep whenever you turn the volume up. The device is flexible, and you can twist it to fit your style. You can opt to place it around your neck, on the table, wrap it around a cupboard handle, etc. You can use the device not only to listen to music but also to make calls. This solves the hassle of maintaining the same volume as you move around. This is because the speakers allow you to listen to the other person with your hands-free.

Advantages Of Using Music Wrap M25

Pros Music Wrap M25

  • The device has good sound quality.
  • It does not interfere with your alertness. Thus it is safe to use while on the road.
  • It is resistant to water as well as to dust particles.
  • The device is compact, light in weight, and comfortable for use.
  • It is highly versatile.
  • It is easy and enjoyable to use.
  • It allows you to have hands-free calls.
  • It allows you to avoid road hazard while enjoying audio transparency.

Cons Of Using Music Wrap M25

  • The device has no known cons associated with it.

Availability And Pricing Of The Product

The device is available on the brand’s website and other retail stores. Unfortunately, there is no place to order for the device on the brand’s website as at now. It is available on Amazon online store at the cost of $63.31on a pre-order basis. Thus it might take you up to three weeks for you to receive your order. The band is available in gray, green, and brown color.

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Music Wrap M25 is a high-quality sound device that is designed to offer quality sound. It allows you to listen to your favorite music wherever you go. You can also use it to make calls. It offers a solution to frustrations of headphones and earbuds. The device does not create a barrier to social interactions. You have a chance to save big through the Kickstarter funds before it is available to the public. The device is ideal for everyone including teenagers and children. This is because it does not lead to hearing damage.


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