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Perfect Your Posture With The Alex+ Wearable Coach


Poor posture remains notably among the common causes of back pain. So to say, approximately 31 million people suffer from this condition in the United States alone. Worldwide, back pain, especially in the lower aspect of the back, is among the major cause of disability. It is directly linked to posture. Just to mention, there are several other causes of back pain. Mechanical factors and health conditions top the list. Some of the health conditions include inflammations and arthritis.

Though these conditions are easily preventable, they still contribute to enormous deaths. Poor posture can be described as the posture that results from extensive muscle tightening or shortening as others lengthen. They often result from daily activities. Various factors impact on posture. Occupational activities and biomechanical factors including repetition are just but a few to mention. In the current society, poor posture is becoming endemic due to heavy reliance on digital devices such as laptops and smartphones.

Some of the health conditions resulting from poor posture include:

  • Neck pain
  • Jaw popping
  • Chronic ongoing headaches
  • Jaw pain
  • Sciatica
  • Upper and lower back pain
  • Low energy levels or chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia

Fixing or alleviating poor posture traditionally involved the services of a kinesthesiologist or a chiropractor. However, with advancing technology, there is a new revolutionary piece that provides health-conscious clients with a better cure alternative. The equipment is the ALEX + Perfect Posture Wearable Coach, an innovative and highly-effective way of relieving effects of poor posture. This piece effectively rectifies poor posture in 21 days with a myriad of other health benefits.

The Alex + Perfect Posture Wearable Coach

Alex + Perfect Posture Wearable
This wearable posture coach has gained immense popularity despite its recent inception into the market. This is highly attributed to its working effectiveness with promising ability to beat text neck, enhance track progress through a dedicated app among other benefits. Its main purpose is to eliminate the symptoms of ‘text neck.’ Just to mention, an average human head weighs 60 pounds. Craning the neck forward places stress on the vertebrae causing long-term health implications including severe back and neck pain.
For humans, modern persons spend at least three hours interacting via their smartphones. Most of these postures occur during sitting positions. Besides, there is a great amount of time spent when using laptops and other devices. This places a significant stress on the body resulting in various symptoms of text neck. That said, the ALEX + offers simple and elegant solutions to people suffering these negative effects.

How The ALEX + Perfect Posture Wearable Coach Works?

Alex + Perfect Posture Work
The ALEX+ working ability is simple and elegant. This equipment consists of a low-profile, and small wearable device secured preferably over the ears and sits on the nape of the neck. This enables it to track the position of the neck. Besides, it is discreet, ergonomic and comfortable. The device vibrates gently upon detecting a slight change in posture of the user. This reminds them to sit up straight and align their head with the neck.

Using this device is pretty simple. To get started with the ALEX + Perfect Posture Wearable Coach, follow the user manual attached to the selling package. Users can calibrate the fit of their devices and place them on the neck. You should then pair this device with a smartphone app that is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

The ALEX + Perfect Posture Wearable Coach has an inbuilt sensor suite that measures posture ten times every second. This enables it to provide high quality and accurate assessment of the prevailing posture alignment. The ALEX+ has adjustable arms making it a comfortable fit for all head sizes and shapes. It also has a rechargeable battery that works flawlessly for ten days with constant use. It uses ten bit triaxial accelerometers to sense any change in user movement. Using the low energy Bluetooth connection, it remains connected to the paired smartphone without consuming much power. The device gets full recharged after 3 hours.

The ALEX + Wearable Features

Alex + Wearable Features
Its unique ability to connect and pair to a smartphone is the most intriguing feature of this device. This enables the device to deliver personal posture coaching through the ALEX+ app. It has a guided exercise program. Known as the Dr. Alex, users can practice highly effective guided exercises that enhance good posture habits. So to say, the system consists of four guided exercises promoting long-term posture health. As you run through the program, the ALEX+ analyses and continuously updates posture health. This delivers personalized, targeted and actionable advice.

Its ability to track posture progress over time is the other critical feature of this device. The system tracks users progress over a long time so as to gain understanding and provide ways of improving the overall posture health. Notification features include alert angle ranges and vibrations, which can be calibrated to different strengths and duration.

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The first generation of the ALEX + Perfect Posture Wearable Coach rolled out received an enormous positive response from customers who tried it. A lighter, more adjustable and highly customizable version of this device was rolled out as the second generation with exceptional construction materials. It is certainly one of the most effective posture correction measures of current times.


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