OMsignal: Talks Smart Shirts and Context


Technology is constantly advancing and the fitness world is not lagged behind. If fitness is your passion, then you obviously need only the best of fitness trackers to keep tabs on your progress. You want a device that will help you attain your fitness goal. Look no further. The OMsignal fitness tracker is the gadget for you. This wearable gadget monitors body movements as well as a variety of health aspects. The OMsignal comes in four different styles to suite your personal preference casual t-shirt, long sleeved shirt, a sleeveless shirt and an under-shirt.


The shirt has health sensors fitted in it to enable it monitor health aspects such as heart rate, calories burnt and breathing rate. The device uses a battery with an extraordinary battery life of approximately 4 days. The battery life can extend to a maximum of 5 days.

How to use?

Once you have selected your preferred shirt style and put it on, all that is left is for you to start your workout. The shirt uses advanced technology to monitor your body movements, calories burnt, heart rate and breathing rate. The data is then transferred to the OMsignal app that analyzes the data and displays the relevant information. This application is available for devices using the iOS platform.The device further studies your workout patterns and is able to inform you if you are maximizing your workout. The application also lets you know if you have attained your goals.

Unique features

Unlike many fitness trackers that are worn either on the wrist or the ankle, the OMsignal is in the form of a shirt and is worn over the body. The shirt is made to work as a compression shirt. This enables the shirt to adopt to different body shapes and sizes making data collection more effective and accurate.

What the gadget can do for you?

With the use of advanced technology, OMsignal fitness tracker is capable of performing the following functions.

  • Monitoring body movements and activities using sensors embedded in a shirt known as the Bio-Sensing shirt.
  • Monitoring the wearer’s heart rate before, during and after exercising in order to identify the wearer’s patterns.
  • Tracks breathing to determine the effect of the activity on the body.
  • Keep tabs on calories burnt.

Customer reviews

Comfort and accuracy are the main concerns for many fitness observers. The OMsignal does not let you down. Many customers were impressed with the level of accuracy exhibited by the device. The comfortable design of the shirt makes it easier to wear it and perform numerous activities. The device has a long battery life in comparison with some of the other fitness gadgets in the market. This allows the wearer to workout more and save more data without the hustle of frequently charging the battery. The major downside to this experience is the cost of the full package. The device costs well over $200 This is quite pricey for most people. Many would prefer the more affordable or less pricey fitness trackers.


OMsignal has just made exercising and staying fit that much easier. You can comfortably monitor your progress on a daily basis. The possibility of forgetting your tracker is nearly impossible. The OMsignal fitness gadget delivers accurate data. Monitoring your fitness level has never been so convenient.


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