New Fabric Circuit Boards Are the Future of Smart Clothing


There are some very new fabric circuit boards that promise to add a whole lot of dimension and promise to the future of smart clothing. These very special and unique circuit boards are from the Institute of Textiles and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic. These new fabric circuit boards are very stretchable, washable, and contain a lot of durability about them. They are the very thing that will make smart clothing look very smart and indistinguishable from regular clothing outfits.

What is it that makes these fabric circuit boards so very special?

The answer to this question is an easy one. This is because these brand new fabric circuit boards were constructed by researchers in a one of a kind way. What is this one of a kind way? The answer is that researchers did weave copper wiring into yarn. They proceeded to make the boards by using this to make the circuit boards with overall. This new technology does allow for the copper wiring to be able to survive millions of stretches and lots of washes. This circuitry board was still even able to work after being shot with a gun. Presently, the gadgetry that is involved in what is worn, is something that can only be described as being troublesome and very apparent. This new circuitry board is indeed something that can change that fact for good.

Tests that were run in the washing machine did reveal what?

Tests that were run exclusively with these brand new circuitry boards by washing them in a warm cycle in a standard washing machine did reveal a whole lot. What was this whole lot? The answer is that these circuitry boards did continue to function even after going through a wash in the washing machine. They also did proceed to work even after they had dried out completely from the wash. This, in itself, does show the amazing power that these very special fabric circuitry boards do have that is all their own.

Researchers did have one use definitely in mind for these smart fabric circuitry boards

Researchers did have one use definitely in mind for these smart circuitry boards. What was this use? One of the potential uses that the researchers did bring up was to design a smart bullet-proof vest. This bullet-proof vest could be used to protect the lives of soldiers. It could also prove to be the very thing to inform a commanding officer or those at a base camp that someone was shot. The very same scenario could be applied to police.

What did the accompanying paper say about these fantastic fabric circuitry boards?

The accompanying paper did state that these outstanding fabric circuitry boards did outperform very similar technologies in some key areas. What are these key areas? They are no other than electrical resistance, stretch ability, permeability, fatigue life, and washing capability. Professor Xiao-Ming Tao and her team did use a computerized knitting machine to bring metal and fabric as one. Electrical currents can be carried through these fabric circuitry boards almost as if they were regular circuit boards and they can work well with a few layers of materials too.

These amazing and new fabric circuitry boards do indeed have great promise

These amazing and new fabric circuitry boards do indeed have great promise for tomorrow. This is because they have a very special kind of wash ability about them and they can mix in very well with other existing materials in an almost invisible way that is all its very own from the onset.

These new fabric circuitry boards are just one of the numerous projects that are being researched and worked on by the staff and students of Hong Kong Polytechnic. These very smart fabric circuitry boards are indeed something with great promise and these great promise is every inch a gift technology-wise. Just another fine example of wearable tech that is strong and durable in every way possible. This is definitely something that will make a big difference to the wearable tech science in the years to come. This is because these very special fabric circuitry boards do have a power that is all their very own. This power is the ability to save lives of those who do serve the public. Be it a military soldier or a police officer.


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