MonBaby Wearable for Babies: Are We Ready?


Wearables have been all the talks lately and if you go into a conversation about them, you will most likely come up with a million uses for them, but are we ready for this next thing we will present here? Do wearables have an age? The most recent news seems to indicate that absolutely not, and that healthcare and parenting could actually be one of the areas where they will be the most useful. With smartphones and apps, wearables become simpler to use and more accessible as well.

Indeed, a new product is now on the market and aiming to provide information concerning your baby through wearable technology. The company, named MonDevice, thinks that you might need to know a little bit more about your baby than simply hearing a signal that he’s hungry or else. Their featured wearable called MonBaby indeed claims to be your next partner in taking care of your babies with information concerning breathing, changes in position and even knowing what the little boy or girl is doing.

A New Time for Wearables

New Time For Wearables
Wearables have been in the talks when it comes to monitoring such activities, and for various target groups. They’ve also made an entry in the market for seniors when it comes to making it easier for their families to give their best care. A product like Tempo by CarePredict monitors things like movements and changes in activity and parents can now obtain the same technology to remotely obtain information about the latest additions to the family.

Smartphones also come into play with these products as they become the device on which you receive the information. MonBaby provides information concerning breathing, sleep and activity, to better understand what’s going on with your baby. The device simply consists of a little circle (or button pretty much) that’s attached to the baby’s clothing and that starts accumulating data for you. Credit of the creation goes to Artuas Vaitaitis who felt he needed to know more about his children.

The information doesn’t work in the form of reports or summaries, but actually in real-time and can help the parent immediately notice some changes in the data. For parents who are constantly worried about their baby, MonBaby will provide information concerning changes in position and falls. The creators of MonBaby also saw interest in providing more long-term information like historical data to witness the changes over longer periods of time. The use of the cloud is also said to come into play in these cases.

Pricing and Competition

Sure its $170 retail price might sound a bit expensive, but this new offering in terms of technology is only making its first steps towards becoming perhaps a must-have for new parents in the future. If the technology can help with reassuring parents (as long as the data is constantly correct), then it could perhaps see its popularity grow. Many parents now have smartphones with them at all times and wish to use it for the things that matter to them, and it’s probable that there are parents out there who would welcome more information about their baby on their device.

Pricing and Competition

The range is said to be of about 200 feet so reception and distance shouldn’t be a problem for even the bigger households. MonBaby could also not only be used by parents, but also by larger facilities if they think the product is fitting. The interface and look for the associated app is simple and allows the user to find out the key information quickly and to leave the device open for real time updates as well. MonBaby can also send alerts when key information come in. If the application becomes a pleasure to use, it might always become a must-have in the years to come… and some competitors might also jump on the occasion. Another company is looking to compete with a similar product named Sproutling ( that’s a sort of bracelet placed around the ankle of the baby, and that additionally gathers body temperature data. Its simple interface also give parents some quick information and overview about what’s going on with the baby.

Is learning your baby’s position of sleep and sleeping patterns worth $170? This is what you will need to figure out before ordering the MonBaby wearable or participating in its Kickstarter campaign to help fund the first devices. In the meantime, you might have to put up with the ups and downs in mood and anxiety when taking care of your baby. However, don’t worry since technology seems well on the way to reducing our anxiety levels when it comes to this kind of care. And finally, the more competition, the better will be for the consumers who will want the best and most reliable products for these kinds of tasks.


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