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Huawei Announces a New Budget Smartwatch Boasting


A lot of the time we skip on the new technology simply because we think it’s too expensive or because we’re waiting on the prices to drop. Wearables might very well be the next thing on your list of purchases that you choose to report to the upcoming years, but there are some companies out there which are starting to change things and enable more customers to have something cooler than your standard watch around their list. Wearables are filled with technology, but there will soon be ways to wear one without breaking the bank.

Designed to Feel Like a Normal Watch

A member of the wearables family some people might not know about is Huawei, which is a company that’s attempting to put together a smartwatch that’s not only smart, but also minimal and simple in its design. The idea is certainly interesting for people who wish to hop on the smartwatch bandwagon without wearing a complex gadget with a thousand features.

The game on the wearables market might not only to create the most complex and high performance watch in terms of apps and features, but also to put together the perfect mix of style, simplicity and depth that customers will enjoy. As people get to know more about smartwatches and try those of their entourage, they will become more picky and demand to obtain exactly what they wish for their own purchases. Huawei’s main product of interest is simply called the Huawei Watch and could very well be a watch that makes more people interested in wearables when it launches.

The first important thing to mention about the Huawei is its design which is meant to stay on track with what you probably have on your wrist right now, so it keeps its look pretty classic compared to a piece of technology that would trigger reactions to the world around you. Users of wearables won’t necessarily always want people to know that they’re wearing a smartwatch, and Huawei might very well be your company of choice when it launches its lines. Customers will want to see classic materials and colors like leather, metal, silver and gold and Huawei is looking into going for that market. It’s also more discrete in its size by being smaller than a lot of its competitors. For those looking to keep it to standard colors, the upcoming Huawei Honor Band Zero could be a better with its white, black and beige models.

Android Wear and Necessary Features

Android Wear And Necessary Features
The next important thing to know about the Huawei Watch is that it runs on Android Wear, which is what a lot of current phone users are interested to wear on their wrist as well. Android Wear is an operating system that’s once again paired with the Google Play stores for applications and will provide features for things like maps, fitness as well as everything that concerns media. Google Now then comes in as an interesting partner when it comes to travel and business with notifications concerning business and flights. The Huawei Watch could be the watch for people who are both looking to stay entertained and the jobs and meetings that allow them to purchase these gadgets in the first place.

Overall, the Huawei Watch looks to be a very interesting competitor to what is already out there in terms of smartwatches and seems to represents an easier transitions between your current watch and this new emerging technology. Android Wear seems to be very well implemented and this watch is expected to be made available around Fall 2015. Water resistant features are also expected around Huawei’s next line of products with the just announced Huawei Honor Band Zero as well as some tracking for many activities as it is the case with most smartwatches. Stay tuned to this company for more interesting products. The price of this new watch has been rumored many times but most things indicate that it will be a cheaper option than the popular Apple watch. But above all, the main attraction of the Huawei Watch looks to be its simpler design that can attract a different market. With Google Play for apps and some good tracking abilities, it would be surprising to see the casual consumers think they’re not getting all the necessary with this one.

And besides, just like smartphones and computers, there will be some people who won’t be able to stand Apple products and just start shopping for something else. The Huawei looks to be a good implementation of this other OS and one that will get its fair share of attention at release. With this first round of smartwatches, companies are putting their best bet of what they think a smartwatch should look and feel like, and it looks like Huawei thinks the concept shouldn’t be designed too far from what you already have on your wrist. New technology might not necessarily mean extravagant new changes, but simply more functionality for some people.


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