Introducing The New Facebook Messenger


Facebook has just released a new update to the Messenger App. There had been quite a lot feedbacks from the new update, which were quite mixed. There are always people who always want to stay with the “good old” version of the products, so they are on a pretty conservative viewpoint on everything. However, on the other hand, there are users who always strive to get the newest of everything, they install an update for an app or program at the moment as it has been released. Of course, society is not categorized in these two groups. Every person is an individual with individual thoughts and likings.

For those who don’t know what Facebook Messenger is (I hope there aren’t many people in this group), it is an application for smartphones and tablets, which makes communication much easier. You can get the most out of the app if you have mobile internet, since Messenger has been designed to be used everywhere, not just at home, school or work. Let’s see how the application works, it’s pretty easy. Someone sends you a message, either with the use of Messenger or by Facebook, you get it instantly (if you are connected to the internet) with a notification sound, which has been the most annoying sound when you are on public transportation. You can reply to the message by the use of Messenger, which uses less bandwidth than Facebook, so your mobile internet bandwidth won’t be depleted.

What’s New?

With the new update of the Facebook Messenger you will be able to download in app applications to make communication more expressive. You can do this by downloading applications that can implement, for example, GIFs or relevant pictures, emoticons in your messaging. This can be a pretty great thing, since it can make Facebook messages more personal, however, some people will abuse this system, so they will send spams using the new in app applications. So, we really hope Facebook will sacrifice some of their manpower for this update to tweak bugs and improve it to be more user friendly.

Important Notes for Users

Facebook has added another function to the Messenger app, which could come out pretty badly for normal users. Now, companies can engage customers or subscribers directly through the Facebook Messenger app, no need to gain permission for that. These are quite bad news for personal users of the application. Companies now have another way of marketing, which makes social marketing pretty easy. In my opinion, I sincerely hope I’m wrong on this, most companies will spam messages to users about their new products and subscriptions. You will hear the alert sound of the Facebook Messenger app all the time. This could come up pretty good for you, you would think that your friends have invited you to a party or somebody just wants to chat with you, however, this is not what’s going to happen. All those alert sounds are from messages that companies or websites left you for marketing purposes. Some of them have been doing this for quite a long time, but with this new function of the application, they will abuse it for as long as Facebook will fix this problem.

The Best Applications

  • Ultratext – With the use of this application, you can send some pretty cool looking text messages to your friends or colleagues, however, the best looking texts are not free, so you need to spend some bucks if you want to get them.
  • Giphy – This is a quite nice application for messaging. By implementing Giphy to your Messenger, you can then send GIFs to your chatting partner, which could be quite a fun thing to do.
  • Stickered and Emu – With these two apps (either of them, no need to download both), you can replace your face with stickers or create stickers using your face. This could be quite fun too.


Facebook’s new update for Messenger is a great update, which can be used to make communication on Facebook even more personal. Of course, this will create many fun and hilarious moments for you and your mate. However, the new function where companies can message people using the Messenger is quite bad in my opinion, since websites will do this for marketing purposes and most of them will spam messages in order to increase their subscriber base.


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