From Geek To Chic: Wearable Tech Is Out On The Open Road For 2015!


Science fiction is slowly and steadily becoming cyber fact. Why is that? The answer is because of tech wearables. Everything from musical hats to shirts that not only fit you, but help keep you fit, technology is getting it done health-wise.

The good news is this…

What is that good news? The answer is that refined designs can now look chic. They no longer have to be geek. At least not, in the latest inventions, which are making life and style both smile.

One perfect example of technology meeting fine luxury design is the Ralph Lauren Tech Shirt.

The Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt was first worn by baseball guys at this year’s U.S. Open. It is a shirt that is no ordinary shirt, despite the fact, it would like perfect being worn in any hotel gym. What makes this shirt so smart? The answer is this. It is the first apparel of its kind to be able to both track and stream the wearer’s biometric data in real-time directly to their smartphone or tablet. This very special tech wearable shirt also does have a conductive band with bio-sensing fibers. These bio-sensing fibers are what picks up a person’s heart rate and breathing data from beneath their chest. The built-inwizardry then logs in every step that the person does take and also all calories burned. The Polo Tech Shirt by Ralph Lauren will become available in 2015.

The personal side to the Apple Watch
Another tech wearable that is being eagerly awaited is no other than the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will definitely be one of the most anticipated of all wearable tech gadgets for the year of 2015. Because what it will do is bring the power of computer straight to your carpus. The goal with the design and creation of the Apple Watch by its developers is simple. They wanted to create a tech wearable device that was personal and nice. This is what does describe the Apple Watch to the letter. People need to have a personal relationship with technology and this is what this amazing watch does do. It brings the power of technology and makes it more relevant and accessible than ever before. What can the Apple Watch do? It can pull up a person’s boarding pass and flight itinerary in no time flat. It also permits one to store photos and check the weather while also in the process of controlling thermostats back at one’s home. It also allows them to lock their doors and turn on lights. It also lets one access their email and other favorite travel apps.

What are some of the top travel apps?
Apps are definitely something that is highly likely to become more integrated with the travel experience in 20152015 will be all about being able to hop on board a plane and do it with only very minimal planning. This means not having to use a computer or a travel agent handy to get it done. Just imagine to be able to book a flight straight from the power of your wrist. If you need to book a hotel. This can be done in as little as 10 seconds. One can book a same-day hotel reservation with an app called Hotel Tonight. The only thing you will have to decide on is which hotel you do want to eventually end up staying at. Another app is called Flight Night and what Flight Night does is clear. It helps a person to monitor round-trip flights that are available and leaving from their preferred airport of choice. Should a flight end up being delayed from a certain airport or destination. There is an app that can get one an alternate traveling flight to go. This app is called Tripit Pro. It is one of many reliable apps that does alert a person when their favorite window seat or aisle seat opens up on an airplane.

People know have the power to book at their fingertips. This is how passengers can go up against each other for the very best of all travel deals out there.

  • Some exploring apps that make exploring true fun and adventure.
  • Apps are even changing the manner in which we do explore this and that.
  • The use of Google maps now for instance have made paper maps almost an obsolete thing.

There is now a thing called augmented reality maps. Yelp Monocle and Wikitude are just two of these fine apps for example. What these two apps do is this. They take and overlay an existing world images and send them through a mobile phone’s camera. These images are then overlay with digital worlds. They are labeled with restaurants, shops, points of interest, and landmarks.

Wikitudedoes have a multitude of digital worlds to choose from. These digital worlds do include Starbucks Word, World Heritage List, Irish Pubs Worldwide, and Wildlife Parks Asia. The Google Glass is another very excellent tech device and this is because it delivers all things nice. It contains maps, translation, and agenda within the confines of a high technological headset. This amazing headset may be soon available with an augmented reality app that does project a keyboard on to your hand so you can type into thin air. It will not need a tray table to accomplish this.

People sometimes do want to block out or get rid of digital noise. In this case, they will be able to use the Hush, and this is because the Hush is the world’s first earplug that is very smart. It is currently being developed as of yet.Being able to travel smart, as well as, to look smart will be a whole lot easier in 2015.


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