Brainno Wearable Review

Brainno- An Ear Wearable Or A Hearable That Train Your Brain!


Technology has now advanced in a way that we can say to have some of the most effective and workable wearable devices at our disposal. However, none of these wearable have been designed to enhance mental functionality or improve an individual’s mindfulness levels while at the same time monitoring and tracking how your heart rate is working or going on.

BRAINNO is one of the fitness devices that delivers that specific functionality to your door. Also, it works to ensure that your brain health is maintained and that you retain optimal functionality and fitness levels at all times.

Brainno Benefits

Brainno Lifestyle
This is highly dependent on what you are seeking after starting to use BRAINNO. You might need to better train your brain activity levels through sharpening games, relieve yourself from stressful situations or increase the activity levels in your life.

BRAINNO can be used to ensure all of these elements are incorporated into your lifestyle. Furthermore, it has a range of customer base and potential users ranging from fitness enthusiasts to professionals and even students.


The device is designed to track brain waves emitted by the brain. After collecting and measuring the waves, it amplifies the said waves and connects through its sensors. It has three highly sensitive sensors that simultaneously collect and measure brain waves.

The amplified waves are then translated by the companion app and you are given a reaction or response. The brain waves can be used to see how an individual reacts to different conditions including stress, of if in a high focus, high concentration mode among others.

Furthermore, it gives you real time results in reference to your heart rates and brain functionality.

Brainno Health

  • EEG Amplification
  • The three BRAINNO sensors connect to your body through the back of your ears. An additional sensor penetrates into the ear. This specific sensor is used to measure and report your heart rate and palpitations. All the waves collected from the heart and the brain are then amplified at the same time, and feedback is given in real time.

    The devices offers you the chance to monitor brain and heart waves which are released in the form of gamma, theta, alpha, delta, beta and demonstrating the state that you are at that specific time. That is when deep asleep, the brain waves read a delta wave and if stressed, excited or simply nervous or full of tension, then the waves reflect a high beta.

Brainno Research

Brain Training Wearable
Similar to many other technological devices, the BRAINNO device stemmed was based on a lot of research on the functionality of different brain waves emitted by a human being. The study was focused on the occipital and frontal lobes.

The developers based the device on this research that took over nine years to develop and ensure that you can measure and have your body’s bio-signals translated starting with your heart rates and the brain.

Bluetooth Capability

BRAINNO has connectivity to a companion app that explains the data collected from the device worn on the ear. The connectivity can be maintained and ensured through Bluetooth. Bluetooth enables it to connect to your mobile phone, a tablet or even a computer without the need of using the internet.

This ensures that you are always updated on your health status and can remedy any unwanted condition on time.

Brainno Coach

Brainno Coach
Many wearable devices come with a trainer or a coach to ensure that you use it to the maximum and that the associated or acclaimed benefits are delivered in full. The BRAINNO coach comes to improve your cognitive capabilities and functionality.

It also aids you in breaking down your stress or high tension levels and reduce them with time, provides a new concentration or focus level and above all, ensure that you are relaxed and peaceful.

  • Color, Image, and Music
    These are said to provide relief from stress and increase individual concentration levels. The BRAINNO device coach indicates that images, music, and colors provide a base on which an individual responds to stimuli and in combination with the already recorded heart rates, you can map out your reactions and improve on each with time while learning more and more.
  • Smart BRAINNO functions
    BRAINNO device coach is quite smart compared to other smart coaches on other wearable fitness and tracking devices. It can detect unusual signals from your body indicating what it that might be troubling you e.g. excessive stress levels. This automatic functions activates a soothing or relaxing aid as developed with time in using the device and you can relax and have a peaceful quite time or music time as desired.
    Mind Activities

BRAINNO device provides games as a base of training you mind of how to optimally concentrate and ensure individual brain health or status. It also provides you with brain games meant for ensuring relaxation to ensure that you have a breather after may be a stressful day at work.

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BRAINNO is one of the best technological devices for tracking brain waves and heart rates while ensuring optimal functionality and health status. Furthermore, it is safe to use and highly comfortable making it a perfect choice as a fitness tracking device.


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