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Stress Wearable Device by Olive- Tips You Should Know


It is a wearable that is designed to help you in management of stress for you to lead a healthy life. The device had been launched in 2015 on Indiego and this wrist based device ensures that you stress levels are controlled through its simple system.

It is capable of monitoring signs of stress and detect where you feel stressed mostly. It is an advanced and unique device that functions as expected to help you live well.

It is capable of analyzing your biological indicators as well as patterns so that it gets the real time information concerning your stress. It will then connect to your smart phone to get calendar data and location.

The Company Behind This Stress Tracker

This wearable device was created by Olive Labs in New York. This company developed the device throughout 2014 and they launched their kickstarter in 2015 and by May the same year, they announced ceasing its operation due to lack of money.

The people who created the device include CEO Hiro Ellis, Ron Rosenman (software Developer), Pat Brandon (product lead), Hardy Simes (COO), Corey Hall (brand strategist) and Alejandra Castelao (industrial designer).

Stress Wearable Device

Pricing Of Olive Stress Wearable

It is a device that is priced online at $129 while the final retail cost is $169 only. Its estimated shipping was as at November 2015 though the company ceased its operation as of the month of May 2015.

Working Of Olive Stress Wearable

This wrist wearable is responsible in managing your stress levels to keep you a healthy person.
The device is known to help in analyzing your patterns as well as your biological indicators of that it gets the real time information concerning your stress. Then, the device connects to your smart phone so that it gets location and your calendar data.

This stress wearable is known to help in performing the following functions:

  • Changes in your heart rate– this wrist wearable helps in giving you changes in your heart rate. This will help you know when you are okay and also know when you heart rate is not normal for you to consult your doctor or take medication as required.
  • Therefore, you will lead a healthy life throughout as you are aware of your heart rate and prevent heart risks.

  • Physical activity– it is a device that helps in tracking your physical activity and helps you know when to increase your speed or reduce as indicated by your heart rate. This will help you exercise without fear of affecting your heart.
  • Sleep activity– it is meant to help you adapt to healthy sleeping habits or patterns so that you lead a healthy life.
  • Reactions in the skin– it is a device that shows the reactions in the skin for you get assistance quickly and maintain your youthful and healthy skin throughout.
  • Trends in your skin temperature– this is a device that helps in giving you the changes in your skin temperature for you to stay in a place where you skin’s temperature is favorable.
  • Exposure to light– the device helps in tracking how you are exposed to light to prevent your body from being damaged by sun’s exposure, UV rays and other harmful environmental factors.

Stress Wearable Functions

How Olive Stress Wearable Help In Managing Your Stress?

This wrist wearable is known to help in understanding your stress as you continue to use it. It will then learn more about you when stresses and then recommends suitable stress management technique in regard to the information it had collected.

It is known to nudge you discreetly through gentle taps and the LED lights on your wrist. It will then come alive when it recognizes elevated stress levels.

It will then suggest simple solutions such as physical exercise, breathing exercise or massaging vibration to help in reversing adverse impacts of stress when it gets your attention.

You are required to swipe across this device to launch any exercise and you can swipe it the other way when you are fine to ignore its information. It also has calming techniques for better stress management.

Olive App

This device works well when used with a smart phone and this app is helpful in understanding your lifestyle as well as learning more about it as you use it. It offers little steps for reducing stressors in your life and helps you create skills to combat stress.

Olive App

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It is a stress wearable device that would have been helpful in controlling stress. It is a wearable that utilizes its unique specifications to ensure that your stress levels are well managed and help you lead a healthy life.

It is meant to help in ensuring that you adapt healthy sleeping patterns and your physical activities are controlled for supporting health of your heart.

This device helps in tracking your heart rate so that you can slow or speed your activities and helps in maintaining a healthy looking skin. It also tracks the exposure of your body to light so as to help you avoid negative effects of UV rays and sun’s exposure.

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