Biostrap Biometric

Biostrap- A Two Device Wearable Working As A Unit To Track Your Health


This is the most innovative wearable that is meant to help you track your fitness activity so that you achieve your goals easily. This wearable is known to deliver expected results through using two devices to measure the biometric data accurately.

This is so because its manufacturer claims that one fitness tracker cannot measure all your body movements as they are too complex. This device is capable of understanding your body so that it takes your training to the desired level and therefore achieve your fitness goals.

One of the activity tracker fits on the wrist so that it can be able to track the rate of your heart for you to remain a healthy person who performs his or her work effectively for increased productivity. The other tracker clips onto the shoe so that the accelerometer can track your physical activity. It shows you your progress so that you attain your desired goal and improve for you to lead a healthy life.

The Manufacturer Of This Fitness Tracker

This is a device that is manufactured by Biostrap USA, LLC in Los Angeles as well as in Mountain View, California. In the case of any clarification or questions about the device, you can contact through the email address provided on the website.

Biostrap Fitness Tracker Specifications

Biostrap Biometric Fitness Tracker

The wrist tracker has the following features:

  • 5 ATM waterproof– this helps you to swim comfortably while this tracking your activity so that you can achieve your fitness goals.
  • Interchangeable bands– this wrist band has interchangeable bands so that you can match with your clothing as you desire for improved appearance.
  • Wireless charging– the tracker can be charged without having to plug in. This ensures that the tracker can work well even when you are away for you to track every activity.
  • Long lasting battery– the tracker’s battery can last for five days making sure that you can rely on it even when the power is off for continuous tracking of your activities.
  • BLE connectivity– this will help in ensuring that you can even listen to music for entertaining exercise or workout.
  • 23g– this is a lightweight tracker that fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Other specifications include 120 to 200 mm of the circumference, gyrometer, three axis accelerometer, raw data collection and it can be found in red and infrared PPG.

Shoe clip has the following features:

Biostrap Biometric Features

  • Long lasting battery– this tracker has eight-day batter life so that you can rely on it even when the power is off.
  • Wireless charging– this can be charged even when you do not have to plug in.
  • Splash proof– the tracker can function even when splashed with water.
  • Other features include three axis accelerometer, gyrometer, BLE connectivity and is of 35 by 23 by 15mm.

How Does This Fitness Tracker Work?

The Biostrap is known to utilize machine learning algorithms in detecting and analyzing repetitive activities that you are performing. It gives quantified information on your reps, consistency, duration of workout or form.

It also gives automatic classification on your cardio activities as well as swimming, running, rowing, biking, walking or Stairmaster. You can build customized exercise library where you record your repetitive exercise once, and this Biostrap will recognize it automatically and analyze the activity for future workouts.

Biostrap PPG Measurements

Biostrap PPG Measurements
This is a device that utilizes photoplethysmography (PPG) to help in analyzing your heart activity. PPG is a clinical grade sensor that ensures it gathers accurate heartbeat data. It is known to track your heart rate, sleep analysis, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate variability and respiratory rate.

Biostrap App

Biostrap app functions well as it helps you read your progress easily. You can use this app to maximize your workout, count reps, classify exercises, measure consistency and track the duration for improved performance.
You should tap the button to start tracking your activity, but the cardiovascular activities are tracked automatically. By opening this app, your heart rate is tracked throughout the day for you to compare your heart rate during the morning and evening hours.

Biostrap App

Pricing Of Biostrap

This is a device that is available online, and it is priced at $249 only. This includes wrist worn sensor, 3 distinct band colors, USB cable, 3 wristbands, 1 dual coil charger and one shoe clip. There is also a one month return policy only for trackers who are in new condition and it should be in its original package.

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This is a fitness tracker device that may provide more detailed as well as complex data for your use. It is capable of helping you see every action in your body such as how does drinking one cup of coffee affect the heart rate. It is accurate and has clinical grade PPG to measure your heart rate precisely.

It is helpful in monitoring your blood saturation which is not common with other fitness trackers. This device has a minimalistic band, and its app is easy and stable to use for better tracking of your activities. It is a device that is known to help people live a healthier life.


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