Fitconnect Smart Armband

Fitconnect – An Easy-To-Use Cell Phone Armband & A Fitness Device


Armbands have become part and parcel of each individual’s fitness and wellness activities. They offer some of the best ways to track individual progress when undertaking specific exercises.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find and acquire the right armband that suits your daily exercising needs. However, if you are looking for high performance, unique and handy armband to aid you out, try the FitConnect smart armband for your daily fitness and workout routine.

FitConnect Smart Armband: What It Is?

FitConnect smart armband can be described as a convenient and the easiest solution and means of ensuring that you bring your smart phone with you during your exercise period. This ensures that you bring all the essential capabilities that are phone enabled with you at all times when you move.

The FitConnect Smart Armband keeps your smartphone secure and safe on your armband and prevents possible harm or damage from occurring to it. The smart armband can also be said to offer you peace of mind and safety assurance during your workout session.

FitConnect Smart Armband: Phone Hold

Smart Armband Phone Hold

Inconvenient pouches or smaller pouches are not only embarrassing but also dangerous to use during an exercise session. Also, it wastes time that would rather be spent on your workout routine as you struggle to ensure the smartphone fits in that specific pouch.

The FitConnect Smart Armband has no designed pouch to assist in holding your phone in place. However, it comes with an essential magnetic strip that holds your smartphone in place on your arm.

The magnetic system has been put in place and is also tethered ensuring that you as the armband’s user can still use your phone as desired during the exercise period. This means your accessibility is not limited whenever engaging in your daily routine.

FitConnect Smart Armband: How It Works?

FitConnect smart armband works by holding the phone and firmly secured on to the armband on your arm. It has a unique and essential slim pod that is quite sleek in appearance.

This slim pod is connected and tethered to the FitConnect smart armband. Tethering assists in preventing your smartphone from falling.

Armband How It Works

Also, it is also proactive in preventing other unwarranted situations from occurring such as damage due to the user losing control of it when exercising. This system is one that assures you of smart phone safety.
Furthermore, it is an innovative means of ensuring that your smartphone is tethered in place.

FitConnect Smart Armband: Protective Capabilities

Armband Protective Capabilities

Carrying out everyday workout sessions wearing a smart armband can cause challenges to the user. This is because the body is prone to many different elements when exercising.

In addition, the external environment also plays a huge role in body reactions as well. Some of these elements include too much heat or temperature change including a drop in the temperatures, dirt, and grime among others.

All these are factors that can affect your smartphone in one way or another.

However, the FitConnect smart armband is perfect for holding your phone and protects the smartphone from all these elements. This ensures that you can have your phone with you maximizing the results achieved and ensuring optimal performance is assured.

FitConnect Smart Armband: Benefits

Adding the FitConnect smart armband to your fitness lifestyle and workout routine is associated with an array of benefits. Some of these benefits associated with it include;

  • Variety Of Use

    FitConnect smart armband can be used or incorporated in any sporting activity from athletics to fishing and many other sporting activities. It has improved and increased protection capabilities which ensure the variety of use.

    You can even use it when rock climbing, cycling, yoga among others.

    Armband Benefits

  • Fast And Simple To Use

    The FitConnect smart armband provides an easy and fast usage approach that is highly efficient in ensuring smartphone protection. Also, it offers a hassle free workout session that is not accompanied with worries of damaging your smartphone.

  • Fast And Easy Access To Your Smartphone

    Many are the times that you leave your phone behind during your workout session. This makes it hard to access your progress or phone activities during that specific period.

However, the FitConnect smart armband has made easy for you. You can now carry your phone with you to the gym, wear it during a run to the park and access it anytime you need to.

Also, you can listen to music or your desired companion during the exercise or workout period.

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FitConnect smart armband is one of the best products that will aid in improving your fitness routine. This is because it offers you a fast, simplified and easy armband that ensures protection for your device at all times.

Also, the FitConnect smart armband can be used by all regardless of gender and regardless of the external elements that may cause harm or any form of damage. With all the essential information provided above, it is important to acquire the FitConnect smart armband in order to improve your fitness levels and have certainty and assurance whenever you engage in a workout session.

It is a technological innovation that you should try out or risk missing out on it.

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