Aquapulse Heart Rate Monitor Reviews


Technology is helping people with many things in the world. Technology has changed the way in which people communicate, interact with each other, get work done, and even the way they drive their car. Wearable technology is being used to help a person monitor their health, count calories they are consuming and burning, as well as monitor their heart rate. The Aquapulse Heart Rate Monitor has been designed to help people keep an eye on their heart rate even when they are swimming and under water.

About the Aquapulse Heart Rate Monitor

This heart monitor has gone where no other heart monitors have been able to go. It is able to go into the water and still fully function. The heart monitor was designed to allow swimmers to be able to track their heart rate while they are swimming. The device is small enough to be attacked to the strap of the goggles and the area near the ear. It is comfortable to wear and the swimmer will not even know that it is there. The heart monitor is also small enough where it will not interfere with the fit of the goggles.

How The Heart Rate Monitor Works?

The Aquapulse uses the latest in medical technology to give a person an accurate heart rate reading. The heart rate information is transmitted using infrared sensors that go through the bone. It then uses conduction waves that are linked to the ear lobe. This allows the device to pick up heart rate. A person can set the different interval levels at which they would want to their heart rate to be monitored. This time can range from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. This device is completely waterproof. It can also be recharged using a USB port charging station such as a computer.

Why Use The Aquapulse Heart Rate Monitor?

This device is used to help people that are looking to get into shape. They are able to monitor their heart rate to see when they are going to be burning the most calories. It can also be used be people that are in competitive swimming competitions to help them train. They will learn how to monitor their heart rate so they have enough energy to finish the race without any negative health side effects. Other uses this device to make sure they are not harmed while swimming. If their heart rate is getting too high they can stop and take a break until it goes down a little.

Additional Features of the Aquapulse

There are some great features that their heart rate monitor has. The monitor is able to use real time to tell a person their heart rate. There is no delay or pause. Even the smallest delay allows time for the heart rate to change. The heart rate is announced in the ear using this device using audio technology. A person can keep on swimming and does not have to lose their stride in order to check the reading on their heart rate. There are no ear buds needed to heart the audio either. A person will hear the reading from their device in their ear.

The buttons on the device are designed to be waterproof as well. A person can change the settings if they need to while they are in the middle of swimming without having to worry about anything. There are no uncomfortable straps used and it can be used on people of any age from young to old. Their monitor is also light weight. It weighs just under five ounces so it will not slow a swimming down. They will not even know that they are still wearing it in the pool.

Reviews From Real Uses Of The Aquapulse People that have used the Aquapulse are satisfied with the result. One of the best features that customers commented about this device was that they were able to customize the interval rations. They can change the measurement based on the number of laps they are trying to swim and see if they are still doing well. It is also easy to accurate. Once the monitor is set there are no complicated buttons to deal with and the set up process is easy. All a person has to do is set the intervals and attach the device and they are ready to go.

Aquapuls Heart Rate Monitor uses the latest in technology to give a person their heart rate reading while they are swimming. An infrared sensor is able to travel though bone mass and pick up a reading and carry it back to this device. The heart monitor is small enough to be worn on a pair of Goggles and is waterproof. This technology is used to help people monitor their exercise program and make sure they are safe while in the water.


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