Electricfoxy Move Electronic Yoga Suit Reviews!


Staying in shape is not the easiest thing to do. While people know that diet and exercise is important they may not know the number of calories they are consuming or the amount of calories they are burning. They may have estimates but this information may not be as helpful as one would expect. Technology is making is easier for a person to diet and exercise. Technology will allow a person to track the calories are consuming and burning. There are additional features for heart rate as well. The Electricfoxy Move device uses the latest in technology to help a person reach their health and fitness goals. The device is worm on the torso as a person is working out.

Information ABOUT THE Electricfoxy Mov

This is more then just a device that is worn to keep track of fitness. This is a garment that is designed to keep track of every movement and every step that is taken. This garment will also be able to help enhance how hard and how long a person exercises for. There are a number of sensors on the front, back, and both sides of the garment. They are able to stretch and are able to move along with the body. The sensors are able to keep track of the moment that body makes especially when the muscles are moving. The garment will use these sensors to give a person feedback on their total workout. The feedback they get will include.

Why Use Feedback?

The feedback provided by this device can be used more to do more than just analyze a particular workout. This information is able stored in a mobile device app. When a person purchases the garment they will be given access to this app and all of its features. This information can then be used to track workout progress and the number of calories being burnt. It will also give a person the times they are exercising for to see if they are working out for a longer period of time. This data can be used to make changes to the workout program or to develop a new workout routine. It will also allow a person to get an idea of how many calories they are consuming verses the number of calories they are able to burn. The data can be used and stored in cloud systems. It can also be shared on different social media websites.

Device Requirements

The Electricfoxy Move device uses a textile strain sensor. It is able to connect to the app and the internet with a Wi-Fi connection. It is also compatible with the system. The garment can be used by people that are trying to get into shape. It can also be used by those training for a specific event.

Other Potential Uses

The Electricfoxy Move can be used to help professional athletes train during the season as well as help them stay in shape during the off season. This garment will help them track the progress they are making in their athletic performance. It will also help increase productivity and allow them to intensify their workout. This garment can also be used for people that are looking to lose weight and to get into shape. It will help a person track their workout. This device can also be used to help prevent a person from harming their body. A person can look at the data and how they are working out. If they are working out in too much of an intense manner they can also make changes as needed.

Types of Workout Programs

The garment can be used with just about any workout program or exercise moves. While it is worn on the torso the sensors will be able to move with the body. A person can wear this when they are doing anything from yoga to working out on the equipment at the gym. The sensors will move with the body while collecting all the data from the workout that is needed. There is no workout that is too hard to collect data on. This device is accurate and will give a person a reading they can trust.

Getting into shape and optimizing performance is not an easy thing to do. Many people need some help to make sure they are working out to the best of their ability without overdoing it. This garment will allow a person to keep track of their workout data. This way they can make changes as needed. This can either increase the intensity of they can decrease the intensity. The data and be stored and examined for a period of time. This garment is using modern wearable technology to allow a person to meet their fitness and their performance goals.


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