Apple to Launch The Most Awaited Smart Watch in June

Apple to Launch The Most Awaited Smart Watch in June



Apple is expected to release its brand new device, the Apple Watch this year. Precisely, the official release date of the smart watch will be April, this year, however, the company has announced that the product won’t be available in retail stores until June, but will be available for online purchase. We will investigate this decision of Apple later in this article, but for now, let’s look at Apple Watch and into Apple’s sales policy itself.

A Brand New Product

After the term “smart watches” has been made, Apple has thought they have to make their one. The company has seen that Samsung and most of their big competitors have made their smart watches, or they have a product that has been in progress to launch, so they have to put something up to the market. They have realized they could have huge sales on this, especially with their big customer base. So, they have announced the new Apple Watch this year to be released. The company has made several new improvements and inventions to the device, which will, most probably, make the wearable gadget the best smart watch in the product category. That would be a quite great accomplishment, wouldn’t it be? Let’s just imagine that you are a big company with huge competitors, you release a smart watch after most of the big companies, and despite that, your product will be considered the best on the whole market. How awesome does that sound?

Customer Satisfaction

Caring about customer reviews is a quite great thing a company can do. However, caring about customer feedbacks and making changes regarding the problems to improve the product is a way more awesome thing for a company. Apple seems to be integrating a new policy, in which they are listening more to their customers, their problems, their needs, what features would they like to have in new, upcoming products. They’ve done that with the iPhone series too. People were always complaining about the iPhone’s size, many people said it was too small. So in 2014, Apple has released a 4.7 inch big iPhone 6 along with another, “more luxurious” version, the iPhone 6 Plus, which size is 5.5 inches. It is rumored that Apple will release a new size with the upcoming iPhone 6S, so customers who do not really like the changes in the iPhone’s 6’s size, will have the chance to purchase a smaller version of the product.


Apple has seen that their customers want to have a smart watch from Apple. There has been a group of people who has been demanding this from the company, so they have listened to them and started the process to make the device. Apple will not only satisfy the group of customers who wanted to buy a smart watch from the company, but they will also introduce a new trend. The company has the power to control trends and fashion, since they have one of the biggest loyal customer bases among companies in the whole world. If they release something new, that people think that’s pretty cool, that will become a trend soon and tons of people will buy it. Of course, more companies will continue to follow Apple’s way. However, they won’t have that much sales as the company with the Apple logo.

Apple Watch Not Available In Retail Stores Until June

It’s sounded pretty weird that the brand new device of the company will not be available in stores until June, right? However, the company seems to introduce a new strategy with this. They will do this because they are releasing a completely new series of products with the Apple Watch, and they can’t expect how that will work out for them. Will the customers like it or not? Will there be bugs? Will every app work properly on the gadget? These are questions that they have to ask themselves before releasing a new product. They have asked them. However, they do not want to risk a bad launch, so they are planning to do a test launch for online users. I think that’s a pretty great thing, and this is also showing how Apple cares about their customers.


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