Android Apps to Be Used on Laptops and Desktops

Android Apps to Be Used on Laptops and Desktops


Android applications can not only be used on Android devices, such as tablets and smartphones with the operating system, but they can be installed to devices that use Windows OS. There has been a need to do this, so people have designed emulators for the task. In this article, we will show you the Android operating system itself, we will discuss mobile and tablet applications nowadays, and will talk about how to run android applications on desktops and laptops.

The Android OS

Android has been designed by several tech gurus, however, all rights to the operating system has been sold to Google some years ago. The huge corporate monolith is the owner of one of the most popular operating systems in the whole world, but what they will do with it? Will they improve it, will they downgrade it, maybe sell it to another company for higher profit? I think Google, as in most cases, will get the most out of the OS, and show people how cool the device could look that’s running it. With Android, Google can counter its hardest competitor, Apple, and the company’s other competitors. With Android being one of the most popular operating systems of the world, Google could cut back Apple’s spreading of the IOS OS.

Android is based on simplicity and ease of use. The OS is not so famous for being bug-free, however, Google is constantly trying to patch them or release tweak updates for the system. Additionally, in the 21-st century, it is pretty hard to release anything that is almost close to being bug-free. There are no perfect programs, there will be always mistakes in them that were previously made by the developers behind the applications. We can’t blame them for this, if they fix the bugs and release patches for the previously released applications. However, there are some cases, mostly in PC gaming, where programs and games are rushed and are released with tons of bugs, so they become completely unplayable or unusable. It is very essential to release an application or a program that can be used and with minimal bugs or issues, so end users will be satisfied with them.

Every company relies on their end users, however, there are firms that don’t really understand the earlier statement. They may understand it, however, they do like they don’t care about their customers and they are committing the same and usual mistakes every year. Let’s take an example for this. Electronic Arts (EA) is a huge company that develops games for consoles and PC. They have huge sales records, however, in the past 3 years, they have released broken games, and they have spent so little time on fixing bugs. Gamers have become enraged and the company’s sales records have dropped during the years. I wonder when they will realize they have committed a big mistake and when they will change their company policy.

Application Nowadays

We live in the world of smartphones and tablets, however, these devices use applications that can be downloaded from the official store of the operating system that is used on the specific smartphone or tablet. These apps can be made by anyone and can be submitted by anyone to the store. If the application needs money to be used, the store gets a share on the price. In the instance of a good product, everyone wins. The store gets its share, the developer makes tons of money that he or she has earned, and the customer will be eager to use a great app that can be used for several things.

Running Android Apps on Laptops and Desktops

Running Android Apps on Laptops and Desktops

There has been a huge need for Android applications to be used on PCs and laptops. So, what did Google do? The company has released a cool program that can be downloaded and used on several OS-s, including Windows, Linux and Mac. This application is the Android Runtime for Chrome, which will make Android apps available to be used on these operating systems. I think this was a pretty awesome idea from Google, since they can boost the sales of the Play Store, which is the official app store of Android.


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