Apple Watch 2 Rumors, News and Release Date

Apple Watch 2 Rumors, News and Release Date


Apple announced the launch of its first Apple Watch in September 2014. People were excited about the idea of a smartwatch designed by Apple. Today, the Apple Watch has dominated the market and users are wondering when the Apple Watch 2 will launch as well as the features to expect. Apple did not mention the launch of the Apple Watch 2 during the March launch event. Here are all the rumors you need to know about the design, features and release date of the Apple Watch 2.

The Apple Match Event

Apple did not mention a thing about the Apple Watch 2 during their 2016 March event. However, this did not stop people from noticing the smartwatch. Apple mentioned that their smartwatch was leading in sales worldwide and people loved the idea of the changed straps. Apple went ahead to announce several Apple Watch bands. This included nylon bands available in several colors. In addition, Apple announced several color options for leather and sports collections together with a black variant of the Milanese loop.

Apple Watch 2 Release

There has not been any official communication from Apple about the exact date of the Apple Watch 2 launch. However, experts expect the launch early September 2016. The announcement was expected during the 2016 March event, but Apple advertised the new Watch straps instead. There is another rumor from China regarding the launch of the smartwatch. This rumor is specifically from Barry Lam, the Quanta chairman. Quanta Company was the manufacturer of the first Apple Watch and it is speculated that they will manufacture the second generation smartwatch. For this reason, when the Quanta chairman announced the general launch window of the Apple Watch 2, people paid attention. During an investors meeting, Lam announced that people should expect to see the Apple Watch 2 on the market by the end of Q3 2016.


Apple Watch 2 Design
Now that you have some idea about when to expect the device, it is wise to know some of the expected design features. Apple is expected to explore additional variations with the Apple Watch 2. The Steel, Sports and Edition tiers associated with the first Apple Watch generation are expected to change. Rumors have it that Apple will introduce new affordable smartwatch models with a variety of prices. However, it is not clear how these tiers will be different from the current models. It is speculated that the new tiers could come with new materials or more advanced bands including palladium, tungsten, platinum or even titanium. Apple analysts say that the new smartwatch might not come with a new design and people should only expect upgrades to the internals.

Connectivity, Apps and Software

Experts speculate that the new device could run by itself without an iPhone. For this reason, the device could come with an untethered mode. This means that a user can directly connect their device to a network. However, Apple may not allow such a feature due to battery issues. There are more rumors about the inclusion of 4G or 3G connectivity to the Apple Watch 2. However, this might affect the battery tremendously.

There are speculations about the Apple Watch 2 getting cellular connectivity. There are such smartwatches already in the market such as those from Samsung. They ship with 3G or 4G connectivity allowing users to receive and make calls without their smartphones. The idea of cellular connectivity on the Apple Watch 2 is very exciting and could be a great technology milestone. The ability to run apps over a network without a phone may unlock many possibilities for smartwatch developers.

Multi-functional Bands

Away from an updated body design, it is expected that the new device may have multi-function bands. The multi-function bands will add more functionality to the device. It might feature a magnetic wristband with some magnets embedded on it. This will join the sides together and when worn, these magnets would hold the watch in place just like the Milanese Loop.

The strap would allow wrapping around the wearable and this would suspend the display screen right at the strap’s middle. This would serve protection purposes when transported or stored. In addition to offering additional protection, they would serve as a stand since they can be rolled up behind the wearable.

More Sensors

The new Apple wearable is expected to be packed with more sensors. Apple has dominated the market with excellent fitness devices. A mixture between inconclusive readings and hairy arms to bring about stress levels, blood pressure and blood oxygen sensors. The heart rate sensor is expected to be upgraded for effectiveness. The current Apple Watch is a perfect tool for health tracking, but with additional sensors on the new device, Apple could dramatically improve user experience.

In-built GPS

In-built GPS
The current Apple Watch has numerous tools for fitness tracking, but lacks in-built GPS. For this reason, it cannot be classified as a full-blown watch. Rumor has it that the Apple Watch 2 will improve on this so that cyclists and runners can leave their smartphones at home.

Longer Battery Life

Although the first Apple Watch generation is characterized by an excellent battery life, the new Apple Watch 2 battery is expected to be much better. Experts predict that the device will have a battery capable to last more than two days without recharging. This would allow users to go outdoors without the fear of running out of charge.

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This information is all rumors since Apple’s official website has not revealed any information about the launch of the Apple Watch 2. However, the new device is expected to launch mid September. In addition, the wearable is expected to have more and better features compared to its predecessor.


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