Apple Unveils New Ultrathin Macbook Laptop


On Monday at a press conference in San Francisco, Apple has revealed its new MacBook. The brand new MacBook will be 12 inches bigger and 13.1 millimeters thick, making it the thinnest laptop ever made. Tom Cook, the CEO of Apple, often joked with it during the press conference, how thin the MacBook is, he said Apple’s new product is so thin that we can only barely see it jokingly. And we must state, he is right. The 12 inch MacBook is extremely thin, even thinner than the previous release of the MacBook Air. The 12 inch laptop is 24% thinner than its predecessor.

Apple changes its laptop’s screen to a rather beautiful, ultra high resolution, retina display. The changes of the display could lead to much better user experience in the area of gaming, watching movies or just simply surfing the internet. The MacBook will feature a resolution of 2304×1440, which is quite impressive for a laptop. This will change the opinions of the persons, who haven’t really liked the previous MacBook Air. Although the device was portable, easy to use and quite lightweight, the display was quite mediocre. Its low resolution made the user interface look pretty harsh. That’s the reason Apple has made changes to the screen. With this brand new improvement, the company could make their previous loyal customers, who haven’t bought the new release’s predecessor, since the quality of the display, buy the new MacBook.

Apple Unveils New Ultrathin Macbook Laptop
Caring about customer reviews is a quite great thing a company can do. However, caring about customer feedbacks and making changes regarding the problems to improve the product is a way more awesome thing for a company. Apple seems to be integrating a new policy, in which they are listening more to their customers, their problems, their needs, what features would they like to have in new, upcoming products. They’ve done that with the iPhone series too. People were always complaining about the iPhone’s size, many people said it was too small. So in 2014, Apple has released a 4.7 inch big iPhone 6 along with another, “more luxurious” version, the iPhone 6 Plus, which size is 5.5 inches. It is rumored that Apple will release a new size with the upcoming iPhone 6S, so customers who do not really like the changes in the iPhone’s 6’s size, will have the chance to purchase a smaller version of the product.

Product Features
At the Frisco press conference some more specific details of the product were revealed too. For example, and most importantly, the release date. The new 12 inch MacBook will expected to release on 10 April, 2015 in the US, which means the laptop will release in about 1 months from now.

Apple also unveiled that the upcoming MacBook will be available in three different colors, gray, silver and gold. This will make sure that everyone can buy a MacBook of their taste, in the color they want.

The base model of Apple’s retina laptop will come at the price of 1300 dollars, featuring 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD, Intel HD 3500 Graphics and a 1.1 GHz Intel Dual Core M CPU. It is a quite great build for a MacBook, however the central processing unit seems quite slow to me. Putting a 1.1 GHz dual core processor to a 1300 dollar worth machine could sound like a bad idea, since Apple’s competitors are selling laptops and ultrabooks at much better prices with much better specifications. However, Apple is a company who doesn’t really have to care about these things. We can say, the company has one of the most loyal customers in the world. So, even if the product does not worth the price Apple is selling it, people will buy it anyways. Maybe it’s just snubism, or the love of the brand (or whatever we want to call it), but the company’s products sells pretty well every time, even when they release unfinished, or merely bad quality goods.

The upcoming retina, 12 inch big MacBook is a great device, however it is quite overpriced, which is a quite usual thing with Apple products. If Apple could make the hardware even better, or just put a little faster CPU to the base version of the laptop for the same price, could make the MacBook worth its price.


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