Amazons Voice Controlled Speaker

Amazon’s Voice Controlled Speaker – Facts You Should Know


Amazon’s voice controlled speaker is a smart device that can play music and has the capability of telling you how will be the weather comes tomorrow. You just need to talk to it and it will give you the response. It is a device designed to be home assistant and will help your life easier. It will keep you away from doing some chores as it also has characteristics of a robot. The significant thing to know is how to use this device.

Amazon’s Voice Controlled Device

This is a round shaped device, which stand at 9.25 inches in height. It contains 7 speakers which enables its listening abilities very effective. The microphones listen your commands then respond to it through providing information. The device utilizes Amazon Alexa smart software to help it understand the commands and provide reliable information. This voice controlled equipment is connected to your smart home devices to help you perform some chores and make use of other available information.

How To Use Amazon Voice Controlled Device?

This device uses IFTTT service- If This Then That Service. This service is a significant online back end brain which allows your smart devices to connect and help you control them in one place. You can give a command like Alexa its sleeping time and it will help you switch your TV or lights for peaceful night.

Use Amazon Voice Controlled Device

Amazon’s Voice Controlled Device Tips and Tricks

1. Get Alexa to Repeat Herself

You can ask Alexa to repeat the information that it is giving you if you happen to miss information. This will save you from repeating questions to the device. You are just required to command Alexa to say it again.

2. Uploading Your Own Music

This device is capable of downloading your music through the use of cloud for free. It has a maximum capacity of storing two hundred and fifty songs in its cloud player. You are required to visit the Amazon cloud player site to download.

3. Checking Traffic before Setting off To Work

The voice controlled device has ability of telling you how the traffic will be before getting out of the house. You will ask the Alexa to help you get prepared before leaving. This will help you manage your time well and eliminate the possibility of you being late at your place of work.

4. New Features Notification

The device through its Alexa is able to let you know if there are new items in the market. It will help you download and utilize them.

5. Fitness Support

The device is a significant part of your workout plan. It will help you track your fitness expectations and progress. You can start your workout as the device plays low volume music in the background.

6. Calculations

The device can help you do your math. If you are in a situation of calculating large numbers, you can get help from Alexa to help you perform the task. It will help you solve long equations while performing all the arithmetic.

7. Playing Games

The device can keep you busy while enjoying the game. It will help you play hard and tricky games more interestingly. It will ensure that you are engaged and you spend your free time well through playing.

Play Hard and Tricky

8. Sharing of Accounts and Switching Profiles

The device helps in having more than one account to utilize it. This is possible as far as the person is a prime member. You can add members of your family but you have to be very careful. Care should be taken because other people using it may order items from it and you will have the burden of paying it. The device is also able to help you know the profile you are using if you had no idea which profile is currently on.

9. Mute the Device

You are able to mute the device if you do not want it listen to the commands at the time. This is done through pushing the button, which has slashed through the microphone. Doing so will ignite a red ring. You will be sure of the device being mute after seeing this indication. If you want to keep the device in its active mode again, you will be required to turn it on.

10. Tracking of Packages and Getting Deals through Using Amazon Prime

This will enable you order any items from prime through voice command only. It will help you order items from different areas as preferred. The device will further help you track the item through simple question as Alexa where is my item? It will let you know the location of the ordered items. Amazon will also get deals for those individuals who use the device but this is done only on Prime days.

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Amazon voice controlled device is a device that has been created to help make work easier. Knowing how to use this device will give you most benefits of the device. It will simplify your chores and allow you time to do other important things.


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