Apple HomeKit and Smart Home App

Apple HomeKit and Smart Home App Facts You Should Know


HomeKit is an Apple foundation for a smart home future, a set of interconnected devices and apps that control heating, lighting and various cycles of your washing machine. However, HomeKit is not a physical product that you can go and purchase; it is a technology platform that uses Internet of Things.

In simpler terms, you can never buy HomeKit, but its compatible devices and gadgets. Currently, the selection of these devices available is steadily increasing and includes items like Elgato, D-Link, Honeywell, and Philips. You will be hearing more of HomeKit in the days to come.

HomeKit Defined

HomeKit is a “common protocol” and a” robust framework” in the words of the manufacturer; Apple. It was made public as a part of the iOS 8 in June. It is an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables the various smart home gadgets and devices to work seamlessly with an iOS running on an iPad or an iPhone.


Maybe you now think that you have owned bright lights and controlled them through various iOS app, why is the HomeKit necessary anyway? Well also imagine that you have smart binds.

HomeKit enables your bright lights to effectively communicate with your smart binds, meaning that you cannot easily control or hook them together with a single interface. You cannot also set them to perform some actions at separate times. For instance, making your window blind and turning it off simultaneously at 9 pm every day. Instead, you will have to manually control them, with their third party apps and set each to do a specific task at any given time. To be honest, this is very tedious.

HomeKit based accessories have the ability to communicate to each other. And best of all, you can control them via voice commands through Siri. You can use Siri by saying things like “good morning” to unleash various commands, or even “open the garage door.”

You need to know that HomeKit can support an end to end encryption between all the iOS devices and smart accessories. As such, malicious third parties cannot hack, steal or even take control of your data and home automation.

HomeKit is it on the Market Yet?

HomeKit on Market
Yes. Manufacturers can even add support to it now, and get approved later by Apple. All their devices will then work with Siri after the pairing has been done. There is still much in progress that is not as speedy as Apple would like it to be. Most firms are taking the time to analyse the market and various market trends to see how it matures before they can commit huge amounts of funds.

Kits from competitors like Samsung smart fridge and Google build nest can also be made compatible by the use of a certain bridge device. It is all about watching this space for compatibility and availability, through a new Apple TV; that also have additional HomeKit capabilities.

What’s the Future?

Homekit Feature
Will the Apple Tat one time become the center of HomeKit experience? We have highlighted how HomeKit can be used, and its potential is virtually limitless. The API and its associated code allow you to comfortably relax on your couch and control your entire home by use of an iPhone. The iOS aspect is very crucial, though, if you are a Windows or Android lover, then it may never cross your radar. It depends on how well the manufacturers play together in various months and years to come.

Ultimately it provides different products the ability to communicate, so once you lock your door, the lights will automatically switch off if you are moving out. You can also have a motion sensor from a reputable manufacturer switch on a security camera. You can also use remote access to control your kit from a different location.

Apple HomeKit gets its own App


HomeKit is a promising venture. However, it has a long way to go before becoming a useful automation platform. The app is just designed for you, and you are required to tell it what to do. Yes, scenes and are there for you when you need group tasks, but you will still have to make a request. You can have the HomeKit controlling all your home or office from the iOS, from where you make it more autonomous.


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