OMSignal OMbra Fitness Tracking Smart Bra

The New OMSignal OMbra Fitness Tracking Smart Bra


It is a sports wearable device that is used to track biometric data, breathing rate, and heart rate. It was released after the release of smart shirt for men from the same company. It delivers data during a workout, enables you to respond to unique strains that result from running and it detects the core signals from the body.

How it works?

The bra tracks the heart rate and breathing rate together with the calories burned and other metrics. This data is recorded via an OMbox which is black and filled with sensors. It snaps into the lower band along the ribcage. The information is the transferred to your iPhone OMSignal’s application.

It includes OMRun which is used to track data about distance, fatigue levels during your workouts, pace and breathing rhythms. The application transforms the data into information for you to gauge your workout.


OMbra Fitness Design
It has an OMbox that snaps onto the band of your attire. It is a waterproof smartbox which allows you to clean your attire after the workout. It functions in reading heart rates, calorie count, breathing patterns, push score and also steps and movements via an accelerometer. The information is the transferred to your iPhone app. It has various features such as mesh panels, adjustable fabric and bands and wide straps that are adjustable. This ensures that it fits you comfortably and you can have secure movements in 3-dimension that is, lateral stitches, double-layered compressive sides, and adjustable straps. A secure clasp is also present at the back of the bra. It can accommodate different cup sizes and shapes which are made possible by the padded, removable cups.

The OMbra App

This is an application that comes along with the OMbra wearable device. It is installed on your iPhone. Through it, you are able to access a biometric coach that comes along in the app. It shows information about your biometrics, heart rate zones, push score and your estimated recovery time. The app can also connect to some third-party apps such as Apple Health and Runkeeper.

This application entails some features that are used to monitor and evaluate you in your workouts.

The OMbra app

They include:

  • Breathing rhythm feature – it measures your breathing ratio relative to your steps.
  • Running economy feature – it helps you to be aware of your fitness level since it quantifies oxygen you are using on your workouts.
  • The OMsignal fatigue measurement system – it analysis the fatigue levels by use of heart rate variability which includes measurements for the last two weeks of training.
  • Biometric effort feature – this feature scales your workout efforts from one to ten. It combines your heart rate viability, BPM, and breathing rate. It informs you on how you engaged your body and how much more you can exert it.
  • OMsignals Biometric coach – it monitors and evaluates your efforts in relevance to your goals. It tells you when to on when to work harder or when to slow down. The app customizes targets based on information given by an individual runner.


It is made of a blend of elastane, polyester, and nylon. The bra has a stretchable light fabric that will easily adapt to any breast shape and conforms to your body shape as you move. The fabric is great at fending off the sweat.

Bands and Straps

Bands and Straps
The OMbra has adjustable bands and wide straps that will allow you to change the level of comfort of your bra. It helps in securing movements thus, limiting the movement of your breasts making you comfortable as you carry out your workouts. These wide shoulder straps allow for minimal friction, preventing them from interfering with your workout. The pressure from the shoulders and back is soaked up by the system situated at the back side of the smart bra.


The bra features mesh panels incorporated at the back and front of the bra. They are antimicrobial and allows for breathing.


  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • Both the mesh and fabric help in keeping your skin dry through their sweat-wicking.


  • The breasts are squished to “uniboob” look.

Science Behind OMbra: Developing the Ultimate Sports Bra

Availability and pricing

The smart bra is available on the company’s website at a price of around $69. When as a part of starter kid which entails the OMbra, USB charger and OMbox it costs around $169.


This wearable fitness tracking smartbra will help you to achieve great progress in your workouts. It guides you to your desired optimal running zones.


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