Safilo's Smith Smartglasses are Coming to CES

Safilo’s Smith Smartglasses are Coming to CES


Safilo is an Italian eyewear company that makes frames for Dior, Fendi and Hugo Boss. They design sunglasses and glasses for designer brands such as Hugo Boss, Dior, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs. The company ranks third in the eyewear industry. The wearable device is a product of combined efforts of two companies. They are the Safilo group and Inter Axon Company which came up with the Muse headband. They spent a year developing the internet-connected smartglasses. The muse headband is a brain sensing band that detects when you are stressed and helps you to relax. The glasses are said to be like Snap’s Spectacles and not like the Google Glass. It resembles any eyewear with added capabilities.
They aimed at developing high-tech spectacles. Their interest in producing the glasses was to measure wearers’ brainwaves. They tap up the team that is behind the brain sensing headband known as muse band that detects when you are stressed. The first pair of internet-connected spectacles is being brought to CES come January in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. They are looking forward to succeeding where Google failed. Google glass has being criticized having short battery life and a chunky camera which lead to it being phased out.


The Safilo smartglasses have electroencephalography (EEG) sensors on its frames and Nose Bridge. It is accompanied by an app that you will have to install iton your android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The smartglasses weigh 36g which is about one ounce. The glasses will resemble regular glasses thus there is no need to sacrifice glasses for technology. The Dior, Fendi, and Hugo Boss frames will not have a camera or display. They will be fashionable, appealing to many consumers and they can be used on daily basis unlike the Google glasses.

The Wearable Device Sensors

The device has five EEG sensors. They are located behind the ears on the nose bridge where they are embedded on the frame. The sensors rely on electroencephalogram technology used by scientists and doctors to detect brain signals. The technology is only detectable by the person wearing the glasses only. It is said to be a natural evolution and a field that is expandable. The electroencephalography method detects your brain’s electrical activity. EEG machine is used in hospitals to measure brain disorders.

The Wearable Device Sensors

The Intended Function of the Glasses

They will be used to measure your brainwave upon wearing them. Data collected will be then sent to their companion app installed on your smartphone or tablet. It will detect your mood and help you to relax by use of meditating exercises.

Companion app

This app comes along with the wearable device. It runs on android or iOS operating system of your tablet or smartphone. You will have to install it first in your gadget. It keeps track of the data collected from the wearable device. The main function of the app is to collect data and give you the output. With this app, you will be in a position to detect your mood. It gives you the biofeedback when stressed and some meditation exercises to help you cope with the situation.


  • The Safilo product will enable you to access your mood
  • They will help you meditate and relax
  • They will be appealing to a broad set of consumers.
  • You will not require a prescription for you to wear the smartglasses.


  • They will have limited functions
  • Information on how the device works is not clearly stated.

The Wearable Device Battery

The company claims that with one charge only, the smith-branded smartglasses will last you for a week.

Wearable Device Battery


The mood-accessing glasses are set to be released during the summer period in 2017. They will be available in a range of styles and colors which be disclosed at the conference. The glasses will be in sunglass form before being launched as prescription eyewear; a technology that is promising to be used in other company’s brands. They will be available online in the US.’s Safilo’s largest market. The pricing of the product will also be at our disposal at the conference. This technology will probably perk up sales for this company. The company also indicates some of its licensed brands are likely to have the following names such as Celine, Gucci, Kate Spade Givenchy, and Hilfiger.

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The Safilo smartglasses promises to be an amazing brainwave measuring high-tech glasses. Their main function is to help you detect your mood and help you relax by giving you meditating exercises. With this, you will be in a position to monitor your mood so long as you have your Safilo’s smart glasses on. On the current glasses limited functionality, the CEO promises on additional features over time to the next new brands. They believe with time they will make better wearable devices with more features. Although the pictures are not at our disposal as at now, we are looking forward to fascinating; pocket-friendly Safilo’s Smith smartglasses wearable devices come early January in Vegas.


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