XENSR: The Most Advanced Activity Monitor for Action Sports!


If you require discretion when working out, then that is exactly what you get from XENSR. XENSR is a small sized wearable fitness tracker that can be worn on any part of the body. Though small, the XENSR is power packed to offer accuracy while collecting individual data. It consists of state of the art technology that enables it to render effective and precise functions.


This miniature sensor uses Bluetooth low energy technology to wirelessly transfer collected data to compatible platforms. These platforms include iOS and Android powered devices. This means that the wearer can view real time data on their smart devices.

This wearable device is water resistance to a maximum of 5 atmospheres. Although the watch can withstand some wet conditions, this should not be taken for granted. Taking the device for intense water activities such as diving could damage the gadget. XENSR is limited to mild water conditions.

XENSR is powered by a rechargeable battery.

How Is The Gadget Used?

The XENSR is a versatile wearable fitness tracker. It can be worn on any part of the body. All that is required is to mount it on the location you would prefer. This wearable device can be mounted on a variety of sport equipment including the shoes and the garments. The workout session can begin as soon as the device is worn and switched on to the exercise mode. The features embedded into this device will enable the device to monitor the activities done as well as their intensity among other specifications such as distance covered, speed and height among others. The data is wirelessly transferred to your smart phone for viewing in real time.

Unique Features

  • XENSR uses advanced sensor technology in conjunction with GPS to offer accurate data on activities performed. These features enables the device to record data on location, speed, distance covered.
  • The device also consists of an altimeter which is responsible for determining the altitude at which the activities are performed. In the case of jumps, the device will record the height of the jump.
  • The XENSR consists of loft sensors. These features enable the device to detect the different types of grounds the wearer is exercising on such as water, snow or even the solid ground.

What Can The Gadget Do For Us?

The XENSR is purely a fitness tracker. All functions it performs are centered on activities done to attain fitness. Some of the functions performed by the device include

  • Track location where the workout sessions are being performed.
  • Detecting and monitoring the different types of body motion during different activities. This is done at a rate of 400 times per second.
  • The device can distinguish between a variety of body movements such as cycling, jumps, spinning etc.

Customer Reviews

The XENSR has been welcomed into the market with a lot of positive remarks. Many customers were impressed with the level of accuracy and diversity exhibited by the device. Its unique features enable the device to perform functions not embraced by other fitness trackers. Moreover, the device is quite small in size making it discreet when worn. However, many customers would have like other features such as the heart rate monitor. Its lack of this feature coupled with its high pricing has been the major source of disappointment.

The Bottom Line

The XENSR fitness tracker is a force to reckon with. Do not let the small size fool you. This gadget can pack a punch. Its use of advanced technology ensures that it provide accurate readings despite of the position, location of activity being performed. Although it may lack key features embedded in other fitness trackers, the XENSR still stands tall in terms of performance.


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