W/Me Health Tracker: Embrace The Healthier Lifestyle


Being healthy goes beyond physical fitness. Our state of mind is also part of the health definition. W/Me by Phyode has revolutionized health. This health tracker is viewed as your personal doctor on the go. Unlike many of the other health trackers out there, the W/Me is developed to monitor your heart’s status as well as your mental status. This device stimulates a healthier lifestyle by coaching its users on how to deal with their stress levels. The gadget uses advanced technology to monitor the body’s nervous system in regards to its reaction towards stress. The W/Me also keeps you in touch with your social life so you do not have to miss anything. This device and its mobile application are only available for the iOS and Android platforms.


This device uses bluetooth 4.0 to synchronize data with the iCloud as well as connecting the device to the smartphone. The device puts into use LED lights that notify users of their progress as well as displaying information in matrix form. The device posses a lithium polymer battery that last for 1 week. Charging of the device is done via USB cable.

How to use?

The device is worn on the wrist and fastened into place. Using the button at the bottom of the display panel, the user activates it and sets the mode. The W/Me uses various features to monitor the heart rate, blood pressure and the Automatic Nervous System(ANS). The data is then synchronized with the iCloud. The data can then be accessed through the fitness application where it is analyzed to determine the agility of the body to adapt to changes, the mental state and the age of the ANS. If the mental state is not at the required level, the health application uses a virtual instructor to coach you through the breathing process as a way to manage the stress.

Unique features

The W/Me uses a medical grade sensor otherwise known as the life spectrum analyzer to monitor the ANS and mental stability. It uses an electrocardiogram that measures electrical signals from the heart. This assists in monitoring all cardial activities such as heart rate and the blood pressure.

What the gadget can do for you?

There is a wide range of functions one can expect from the W/Me health tracker wristband. Due to its numerous yet accurate features, this wearable gadget is capable of:

  • Monitoring the heart rate and the blood pressure of the user.
  • Displaying the time. The device can be set in a specific mode that works like a watch to display the time.
  • Alerting wearers of incoming calls, text messages or received emails. The device uses vibrations as well as LED lights to work as notification measures.
  • Being used as a flashlight.
  • The W/Me health gadget can also be used as a phone locator. This helps the individual to trace the location of his phone easily.
  • Once linked to a smartphone, the device can be used remotely as a camera shutter.
  • The device allows you to connect to social media, Facebook in particular.

Customer reviews

The W/Me health tracker has numerous features that were highly appreciated by its users. The use of a medical grade sensor enables the device to give more accurate data on the state of the heart and its heart beat rate. This provided more detailed insight for the wearers of this gadget. Many customers were anxious about the device’s capability to monitor the user’s state of mind. This information would go a long way in assisting users to prevent, avoid or manage their stress levels as a way of improving their health. The coaching ability was a welcomed step by many as it assisted them in their breathing and general health. However, not all is well with the health gadget. The lack of different sizes of the gadget makes the device not suitable for all as it would not fit some of the potential users. Its partial waterproof nature was also under scrutiny by many since the device could only withstand water splashes but could not be used under large volumes of water or submerged in water.


All in all, the W/Me wearable gadget is a device fit for any individual who is conscious about their health. This device is more concerned with the mental and cardial aspects of the body. It uses cutting edge technology to offer more detailed information on this aspects in an attempt to improve the health of the wearer. This health device motivates its users to embrace a healthier lifestyle by offering coaching. This is done in 6 levels with increasing difficulty from one to the next. With the W/Me health gadget, you can now lead a healthier lifestyle and still keep in touch with the society. All this is just within arm’s length.


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