Wearables for Personal Safety

Wearables for Personal Safety – Be on the Safe Side


Personal safety is very important, and many people have been victims of dangerous situations. If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, you will need a way to communicate to people who could attend to you. In as much as you expect other people to save you from a dangerous situation, there are various wearable devices for personal safety that can help bring back to normal a dangerous situation. This shows just how much technology is gradually taking over to become the backbone of our daily lives.

Personal Safety Bracelets

Some personal safety devices resemble bracelets making it difficult for your attackers to tell whether you have anything on you to alert family and friends in case of an attack. This makes it easy for you to ask for help without them noticing. Take for example Safelet, which is a fashionable armlet that is designed to notify your emergency contacts about your location upon activation. It has a button that allows for easy and convenient clicking to activate and is connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth. Additionally, it has a strategically located microphone to audio record attacks, and this allows for using as evidence in a court of law. Other wearable devices allow for wearing on the necklace and can be easily activated whenever you are in a dangerous situation.

Personal safety bracelets

Some personal safety wearables come in various designs to match the user’s style. Similarly, they have small, specially designed microphones to record attacks. Others might also have alert speakers and vibrator motors and can be water resistant. This allows them to effectively work even in attacks that involve water. They might also call 911 for users in the U.S and other emergency contacts all over the world.

Here are some examples of wearables for personal safety:


This is a well crafted smart necklace manufactured by Leaf Wearables. The device resembles jewelry and can be worn on the neck. It is connected to the owner’s Smartphone via Bluetooth and is able to send SOS alerts to family members telling them about the wearer’s whereabouts if tapped twice. Additionally, it contains a 90dB buzzer that acts as an alarm and is in a position to recharge via a Micro USB in 15 minutes. Most importantly, it allows users to share their real-time location while traveling. Also, it is possible to preset certain contacts from the available companion application. The best thing about Safer is that its charge can last for approximately seven days. You can buy Safer from leafwearables for about $60.


The Nimb personal safety wearable resembles a ring and is able to track the wearer’s location. Additionally, it can send alerts to families and friends in case of emergencies. Upon activation, the smart ring uses the wearer’s mobile phone to send distress signals to the preset emergency contacts. Moreover, the Nimb can go a step further to alert users in the Nimb community if they have the companion application and within 300 yards. It can be purchased at official website for approximately $99.


This is another wearable that can help you out in a dangerous situation. To activate it, you will need to hold the provided button for about three seconds. It sounds an alarm of about 85dB and can send messages to preset family and friends contacts automatically. The preset contacts receive a map showing the location of the wearer, directions as well as a chance to call 911. One thing about Athena is that it is water resistant. Additionally, its battery life is great since it can last for about three months. It connects to the Smartphone of the wearer via Bluetooth, and this allows it to generate GPS location and call for help using the available companion app. An individual can clip Athena on their clothing, or they can wear it as a necklace. It can be bought from roarforgood for not more than $79.


This wearable device resembles the Nimb ring and functions as a fright switch. Once pressed, it sends a buzz to the wearer’s phone to inform it that it has been activated. It then sends a personalized SOS message to family and friends via text telling them about the wearer’s location. It has an excellent battery life that lasts very long. Mangos can be bought at official website.

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Technology is fully aware of the importance of personal security. With one of these devices, you can easily get through risky situations. Although these personal safety wearables cannot prevent attacks from happening, they can inform your family and friends that your safety has been compromised. In most cases, these wearables are designed for women and children because they are more vulnerable to attacks. Some of these wearable devices come in various designs to help deal with different types of danger. For instance, some devices require tapping to activate whenever danger is sensed. A wearable can start audio recording upon activation while others might call your emergency contacts to inform them of your location. Moreover, these wearables allow for deactivation using a Smartphone in case they are accidentally activated.


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