Babies Wearable Devices for Parents

Ultimate Guide of Babies Wearable Devices for Parents


With a young baby, you need to take great care of him or her and you also need to monitor the kid round the clock. Modern baby technology has been developed to make this enormous task lighter and also make it enjoyable. They range from those that measure temperature to those that give babies specific locality all day long. This works best for parents who resume to their station of work shortly after getting the child. These wearable devices are meant to ensure that the parent has maximum peace of mind when they are away from their kid.

Digital parenting allows a parent to engage in other lighter duties such as house chores and attending kitchen gardens without so much worry on the safety, health and location of the baby. Therefore, they are extremely important gadgets for all parents. They include:

1. Sprouting Wearable Baby Monitor

This gadget optimizes the baby’s sleep and it also accurately showing the sleep pattern of the baby. This pattern therefore enables the parent to develop a suitable plan. The technology in this device revolves around predicting and learning the baby’s sleeping habits. It also measures the skin temperature and heart rates of the baby. It actually can measure the moods of the baby when they wake up. It also measures whether the noises around the baby are loud enough to wake them up. The gadget comes in differentiated sizes.

2. Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet smart sock
This is a gadget that comes with a single baby sock wearable on one foot. It comes with a base station and has an app that enables the parent to keep a hawk eye on the baby’s vitals ranging from heartbeats to breathing. This saves the parent the agony of sneaking into the kid’s room risking waking them up, to check on their breathing or even when they turned to sleep on the wrong side.

It has an embedded tech that enables measure the heart rate of the baby. It is a replica of Apple’s watch technology in the pulse oximetry tech. It measures all parameters of the baby and alerts you when there is a problem. The sock is not prone to baby allergies as it is made up of pure cotton.

3. Mimmo smart baby breathing and activity monitor

This is a gadget that enables you to track the activities of the baby, know where the kid is and also what is actually going on around them in the exact time of what is happening even when you are a bit far from the baby. While in the kitchen preparing something for the kid or even the family, you will be able to monitor how the baby is even in your absence.

This gadget has been assembled such that it wirelessly transmits data to your phone. It has a kimono, a onesie attached to the device, a power house in the form of a charging station, a dual breathing sensors, a movement sensor that can be detached from the whole device and has an app that enables it to effectively connect with your phone. You do not have to worry of radiation effects as the device has been crafted in such a way that it uses low Bluetooth power that is actually less than that emitted by any standard smartphone. The kimono is hypo allergic and the device can be used with organic cotton that makes it easy for the parent to swap dirt ones with clean ones without breaking the keen monitor on the baby.

4. Neebo baby monitor

Neebo baby monitor
It is egg shaped and has a rubber strap that goes around the baby’s wrist. It tracks blood oxygen, body temperature, heart rate, waking up distress and offers communication to the child. It can also detect early heart problems of the kid and also detect early breathing problems. It also has soothing music and lullabies for the kid. It also has full emergency alert notifications.

5. Monbaby smart breathing movement monitor for babies

This is a device that tells the parent when the baby falls on its clot, sleeps on the stomach and also when the baby stops breathing. It is unique from other wearable in that you can customize the alerts that you want to get. It transmits data on an app hosted by android devices.

6. Babysense Hisense 5s baby monitor

Babysense Monitor
It is a proximity device that comes with a twin ultra-sensitive sensor pads and a complete control unit. It is also said to be a solution to sudden infant death syndrome. It monitors a child’s breathing patterns using minute movements on the bed. It is a clinically tested breathing monitor gadget and has been on the market for a long time.

7. Starling

This tech has been developed to help babies achieve potential vitals ranging from temperature to heart rates faster and quicker. It can also help you keep count of the babies words every day. It enables parents to keep a steady conversation with the kid. This helps the brain in word processing even when they cannot talk.


With these wearables, your child is safe. You will have peace of mind to concentrate on your day-to-day duties.


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